Could you have Termites?

Everyone loves spring…especially termites.  Yup, it’s that time of year when termites swarm.  As you know, termites can cause serious damage to your home.  Termite damage is more common than damage caused by any other natural disaster and is not covered by most home insurance policies.  That is why it is so important to maintain your termite coverage; and if you don’t have termite coverage, it’s imperative that you get it.

To some, termites look like flying ants.  If you see a similar problem in your home, click HERE to reference your finding to our pictures of a termiteTermites frequently travel underground in tunnels to get into your home…so if you are seeing them inside your home you can bet that infestation has already occurred and you should call your pest control company immediately. 

When choosing a company for your termite control, interview different companies and shop around for the best price and most thorough treatment and coverage plan.  Also, ask friends and family for their referrals.

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Boxelder Bugs

If you have a boxelder tree, there is a good possibility that you have seen boxelder bugs.  These bugs are usually easy to identify by their black and red coloring.  Boxeldersemerge from hibernation and the females lay a cluster of yellow eggs on stones, leaves, grass, shrubs, trees, and even bark crevices of boxelder trees.  The eggs turn from yellow to red and will soon hatch in 2 weeks.  Once the eggs open, the adults emerge from hibernation and fly back to their host tree in late April to early May.

Host trees are usually female boxelder trees, where the boxelder bugfeeds on fallen boxelder seeds and newly developing leaves.  Occasionally, boxelders will feed on fruits from a plum or apple tree.

The boxelder bug is mainly a nuisance pest that will occasionally bite people, causing a skin irritation and producing a small red bump.  It is not recommended that boxelder bugs be crushed due to the strong, disagreeable odor that they let off when crushed.  Do not attempt to kill boxelders in any wall voids.  Dead insects, including boxelders, attract other pests such as beetles.  Instead of crushing, pull out the vacuum to get rid of them until the summer when they come out of hibernating.

The best way to treat for boxelder bugs is to start from the outside.  Have a licensed pest control professional to spray infested trees.  If the trees are not on your property, inform your neighbors of the nuisance boxelder bugs can cause.  Use both preventative physical and chemical barriers to keep boxeldersfrom your home.  Make sure to screen all vents and caulk around cable entrances, windows, doors, overhangs, facia board, etc, and install closable chimney caps.

Source: NPCA – Field Guide to Structural Pests


What Are People Saying about Northwest Exterminating?

Each week, Northwest Exterminating, sends out a customer satisfaction survey to customers who have recently had a new service performed at their home or business.  Customers are encouraged to comment on the service they received from the initial phone conversation to the effectiveness of the service.

We take these comments very seriously and use them as a reference on what we are doing well and what we can improve on.  We thought by posting some of these recent comments that it would be beneficial to both future and current customers.  Our goal is “Customers for Life!”

  • The representative was courteous.  He let me know that he was in my yard doing an inspection and he did not disturb any of the plants in the yard. – Union City
  • The technician was the most knowledgeable I have met compared with services from another provider for over a year.  He was extremely courteous, helpful and thorough. – Newnan
  • I appreciate the attention given to me regarding the pest control needs of my company. – Buford
  • The agents were truly professional and explained the different programs, cost, and application process. To be a green company is a plus. – Douglasville
  • My service rep Ricky Hancock is very efficient and genuinely concerned with pleasing his customers.  The support staff at the office is also very helpful in calling to set up appointments. We just added our 3rd contract with Northwest because of the service received. – Fairburn
  • The office manager calls to tell me when my pest service is coming, and also emails me to let me know.  She knows that I teach school and email is the best way to get in touch with me and I appreciate the extra mile she goes to let me know.  I also know the person coming to my house each time; he came to my house one Saturday when I had some questions, so I don’t worry about someone being there when I am not. – Newnan
  • Service tech was on time, polite, friendly and did a thorough job.  We were very pleased with his explanations and the job that he did. – Dacula
  • We have had a termite contract since 2007 but have recently added lawn care and changed our pest control from Arrow. – Jefferson
  • We have been very pleased for almost 9 years as a Northwest customer.  The field reps always work around the schedule when I can be home to let them in the house.  The phone schedulers for appointments are always very friendly and courteous also. – Newnan
  • I’ve had my termite service with Northwest Exterminating for almost 9 years and have never been disappointed with the level of professionalism of their employees and the quality of service. I’d used other companies in the past for pest control, but was never completely satisfied. After having my initial Pest Green visit last month, I have to say I’m glad I made the switch. Jesse was more professional and thorough than anyone I’ve had service my home in the past. – Alpharetta
  • We’ve only had one problem since we’ve been with Northwest since 1987.  Problem was fixed immediately. – McDonough
  • Polite professional service, and on time too! – Pine Lake
  • I have always received excellent service with fire ant service and termite service. If I ever have a problem, I receive a prompt response. I am especially thankful for Michael Manning. He does a very thorough job each and every time he comes and always makes sure I don’t have any problems before he leaves. He is an excellent representative for your company. – Jefferson

WSBTV: One of "Most Destructive" Pests Intercepted in Atlanta reported that one of the most destructive beetlesin the world was recently found in luggage at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.  Had this beetle not been found, it could have cost American taxpayers millions of dollars. 

One Of ‘Most Destructive’ Pests Intercepted In Atlanta

ATLANTA — Customs and Border Protection specialists at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport intercepted a small beetle labeled one of the world’s most destructive pests, officials said. 

The discovery was made while officers inspected a small bag of dried beans in the luggage of two international passengers arriving from India, officials said. 

The small beetle larva was slightly larger than a pinhead, officials said. 

Entomologists for the Department of Agriculture identified the insect as a khapra beetle, formally known as Trogoderma granarium. ()

Click HERE to read the rest of this article 


Integrative Pest Management

By: Jerry Hatch

Today, as in the past, clients want to know they are getting their money’s worth. Customer expectations continue to rise and tolerance for irritants, in this case a pest, or the illusion of their presence, may drive them away for good. We all know that when a person feels “wronged” that becomes the topic of conversation for quite awhile. Our task is to prevent that discussion, and along with pressure from various consumer groups and regulatory agencies, this means having to direct our attention to solving the problem in one of two ways; first finding that magic product to reduce the problem, or spending the time and through a process of data collection and using a variety of items reducing the likelihood of pests.

Pests have remarkable adaptive qualities, able to alter behavior and chemically reduce toxicity of products, or to completely adapt to different environments for survival. Continuing to rely on the newest and latest chemistry may gain an advantage for a short time, but the pest’s very existence is dependent on their ability to change. They perform this adaptation easily.

The better method is longer lasting and a more integrative approach to pest reduction and elimination, one that may require some time, but pays off in huge dividends as clients needs and concerns change and their tolerance for pests decreases even more. That way is the Integrative Pest Management way or in many cases NorPest Green by Northwest Exterminating.  If you follow the prescribed steps of data collection, with a thorough understanding of the pests and their needs, together with the customers culture and location, you can effectively prescribe a proper course of action. This can be done with a very low impact product and with a reduced risk to the environment. 

So there you have it, the overview of IPM and a challenge to provide the customer with a healthy environment for their homes and businesses with honesty and integrity.


Spring Cleaning Checklist

With all the snow that Mother Nature brought the Atlanta area this winter I think it’s safe to say that we’re all ready for spring.  Well, lucky for us, spring begins on Sunday!  For some, spring is like a new start.  Spring cleaning is a way to get your home clean and in order for the fun seasons of spring and summer to come. 

Here is a checklist for spring cleaning your home:

  • Wipe down walls and base boards
  • Dust any cobwebs out of corners and hard to reach places that you may have missed in your regular cleaning routine
  • Reseal grout in walls, floors, countertops, bathtubs or showers
  • Vacuum and shampoo rugs
  • Dust shelves and anything on them
  • Clean upholstered items including underneath cushions
  • Polish metal hardware
  • Clean windows
  • Schedule any maintenance that needs to be done on your home such as lawn care, plumbing, or pest control
  • Wax wooden furniture
  • Change batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Check fire extinguishers
  • Wash window screens
  • Wash window treatments
  • Mop or wax floors
  • Clean out refrigerator.  Not only throw out any outdated food but wipe down shelving as well
  • Rotate or turn mattresses
  • Wash pillows and sheets
  • Discard any expired products including food items, cleaning products, cosmetics and beauty products
  • Update first aid kit
  • Pack up winter clothing and bring out spring/summer wear
  • Donate any apparel that you will no longer wear
  • Donate any old toys or books that are no longer used
  • Wash off decks, patios, driveways, and sidewalks
  • Wash outdoor furniture
  • Change light bulbs or update to more earth-friendly lighting
  • Organize garage and/or basement
  • Call city sanitation to remove any old paint, pesticides or other chemicals

And last but not least:

  • When it’s all said and done…relax and enjoy all of your hard work in the wonderful spring weather

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Why choose a professional over DIY?

It’s a fact that every home needs pest control.  For the health of your home and the people and pets inside, it is important to keep your home free of pests, critters, insects, etc.  Many people are faced with the question of if they should hire a pest control professional or just do it themselves?

We’ve come up with some helpful reasons that we think choosing a pest control professional is the right choice for you.

  • Although there are natural DIY products, many store bought pest control products still contain chemicals.  Working with chemicals can be hazardous and directions should be followed at all times.
  • Sometimes it’s nice to have someone else clean up every now and then.  Leave the dead pests and debris to the professionals to clean up.
  • If treating the entire home, it can be cheaper to call a professional rather than spend money on gallon after gallon of product.
  • Professionals are equipped with high powered sprayers that can be used to treat areas more effectively and quickly.
  • Pest control professionals are knowledgeable.  They can spot the source of the problem and assist the homeowner with prevention tips that can prevent future problems.
  • It is less likely to have a case of over application.  Too much product could be more damaging than helpful.
  • If the problem persists…they will come back!  Northwest Exterminating offers FREE callback services in a case where the problem persists.

Here are a few things to consider when hiring a pest control professional:

  • Does the pest company offer experienced and knowledgeable professionals?
  • Is the company bonded, insured, and licensed?
  • Does the company offer estimates or quotes?
  • Do they offer any warranties or money back guarantees?
  • What type of pests can they deal with?

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Introducing: Green Mosquito Control

With Northwest’s mission to create healthier living and working environments we are now offering a Green Mosquito Control service in addition to our traditional Mosquito Control service.  The Green Mosquito Control Program consists of inspection, identification and source reduction.  Limited product is used in areas needed to control and reduce mosquitoes.

Tips for Mosquito Prevention:

  • Eliminate standing water in flower pots, containers, toys, bird baths, etc. once a week
  • Keep gutters clean
  • Remove litter from yard (mosquitoes can lay eggs in small, discarded items that hold water, such as cans, bottles, wrappers, etc.)
  • Correct drainage problems

Mosquito Facts

  • 4 stage life cycle: egg, larva, pupa, adult
  • Water must be present for cycle to take place
  • Eggs are laid where standing water exists
  • Standing water that remains for at least 7 days or more is a potential breeding site
  • Mosquito life cycle can be completed in 11-14 days in very warm weather
  • Only female mosquitoes bite – they require a “blood meal” to reproduce
  • Males and females feed on nectar and plant juices for nourishment
  • Exhaled carbon dioxide from up to 150 feet away attracts female to prey
  • Other cues once in range of carbon dioxide: body odor, heat, perfume, beer drinkers, Octanol
  • Mosquito saliva causes the allergic reaction
  • Most common mosquito disease vector in Atlanta: Asian Tiger Mosquito
    • Only mosquito in this area to bite during daytime hours
    • Very aggressive and prefers to bite humans, usually on the lower legs, ankles, and feet
    • Do not fly far from breeding site
    • Identification: black with white stripes on legs and body
    • Diseases:
      • West Nile virus
      • Encephalitis
      • Dog heartworm
      • Yellow fever
      • Malaria

2 New Programs: Green Mosquito Service & Pest Entrance Prevention

It’s that time of the year, coats coming off and thoughts turning to Spring.  It’s also the time pests start coming out to annoy, harass and just generally be a nuisance. So with everything else we think of at this time its time to start thinking of pest prevention.

To continue with Northwest Exterminating’s commitment to enhance and provide a healthy environment for your home and business, Northwest is offering a Green mosquito service this year to compliment its already successful traditional methods and materials.  The service will still entail a thorough inspection and service, however the products have been specifically selected to provide the protection you’ve come to expect, but with natural products. You’ll receive the value you have come to expect and be able to enjoy the outdoors all spring and summer. 

Northwest is taking the pest prevention side of Integrative Pest Management to a new level by offering an additional service to our customers.  Our pest entrance prevention program will seal any areas pests may get in and help decrease energy costs. (Studies show that cracks and gaps in and around windows, doors, etc. can reduce your structures heating or cooling efficiency, costing you money). The service can be performed by the regular technicians when they visit…a person you already trust for protection from pests.

Yes, it’s time to prepare and with Northwest services we make it easy. For these and any of our other services please call 888.466.7849 or visit us on the web at