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Have you seen a strange pest flying or crawling around your home?  Would you like to learn more about the habitats of certain insects that you are seeing?  Northwest Exterminating can be your source of information on all things pest.  By visiting our website and going to the Northwest Learning Center, you can Identify Your Pest, use our Termite Risk Calculator, or view Frequently Asked Questions.

Identify Your Pest – helps you identify and become knowledgeable about common household pests

Termite Risk Calculator – Use this calculator to find out if your home is at risk of termite infestation and damage

Frequently Asked Questions – View questions that are commonly asked by our customers

Help us add to our pest library!  What pests would you like to see on there?
What questions would you like to see in Frequently Asked Questions?

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  1. The Northwest’s learning center is very good center for knowing about pests and termites control. They also tell us about different type of pests and termites and also give us some tips for controlling these pests and termites.

    • We’re glad that you’ve found our Learning Center to be helpful. It’s a great tool to be used in identifying and treating common household pests.

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