How to Prevent Millipedes from Getting into Your Home

MillipedesDid you know that a millipede isn’t an insect at all?!  They are arthropods that feed on dead and decaying plant matter.  Millipedes overwinter in homes which means they enter when the temperatures drop and come out when the temperatures rise.  This is why you see millipedes around your home in warmer months…they’ve been there; they’ve just been “resting”.  Well, they’re not always “resting”, sometimes they are mating which can be a pain because they can lay up to 300 eggs at a time.  This is usually when you discover a millipede infestation.  In the right situation, a millipede can live 5-7 years.

The best way to keep millipedes out of your house is to stop them from getting in.

Prevention Tips for millipedes:

  • Seal any cracks and/or crevices in the foundation, around wiring, and plumbing where millipedes, or other pests, could enter.
  • Millipedes require high humidity.  Use dehumidifiers to keep the air dry or use fans in rooms that done have good air flow.
  • Repair any leaks.  Leaky faucets or pipes can attract millipedes.
  • Clean out and remove debris from gutters.  Gutter build up can cause water from draining correctly.
  • Keep your yard clean by removing dead plant matter.  Remove piled up mulch or woodpiles that store moisture and attract millipedes.

Call Northwest Exterminating if you are having a millipede problem.

For more information on millipedes visit out Identify your Pest section.

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  1. I live in a ground level suite which wasnt renovated by owners before i moved in here. Carpet was unchanged there were cracks and gaps between carpet and wall. I sealed up what i could to prevent spiders at first, with sealant and duct tape. Few days later i saw two dead millipedes on carpet. Then last night i was laying on carpet and watching a movie, i felt this thing on my foot, i checked and it was a millipede passing by on carpet over my foot and back on carpet. I used one of my dumbbells to squish it then vaccuumed it out.
    What’s your advice ? to move out of this unsafe unmaintained ground level suite ? or is there a way i can control these millifreaks from coming in ? please help me. I’m really feeling unsafe just laying on the carpet now .

    • Before packing up your bags, it’d be wise to try and locate the source of entry for these pests. You’ve already noted that cracks and gaps in the carpet which most definitely could be an entry point for the millipedes. We suggest that you give us a call so that we can properly inspect the premises. We’d be happy to help you!

  2. Caroline says:

    We have them bad at our house as well … What do I do cause pretty much everyone has mulch to make the yard look better … So what do I do ?

    • There are other things you can do to aid in keeping millipedes out of your home. Reduce the layers of mulch that you use. When replacing mulch, remove the old before adding new. This will reduce the amount of organic material that serves as a perfect habitat for millipedes. We also recommend dethatching your lawn if there is a large amount of grass clippings building up in your turf. Caulk and seal any openings around your structure that can be used as entry points into your home. Check all your window and door weather stripping by closing them; if you are able to see light coming in around the edges, the stripping needs replaced. Run a dehumidifier in the areas they are coming into. They are attracted to areas with high humidity. And of course, call Northwest and we would be happy to send a representative out to assess your situation.

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