Be The Match Registry Event

The Northwest Family would like to reach out to our clients, friends and community in order to support a dear friend of ours, Steve Ferguson. Steve Ferguson is a non-Hodgkins victim who has undergone several rounds of medical treatment in the last 16 years. Having exhausted all remaining options, Steve continues to fight, but his true chance of survival will come from someone like you! Steve needs a bone marrow transplant. Successful treatment will result in him being given the opportunity to continue being the amazing and loving person that he is to his friends and family.

Be the Match Flyer

                You can become a bone marrow donor directly or provide financial support to all people who require Bone Marrow transplants by joining the Be The Match registry. There is no cost for registrants between the ages of 18 & 44, but a $100 cost for those 45-60.

We know that members of the Northwest Family are caring, kind-hearted people who are also surrounded by like-minded people. If you or anyone you know cares to help please join the registry. There is an event at Grace Community Church on 770 Kennesaw Avenue in Marietta, Georgia this coming Saturday, June 8th from 9a-1p. Please come out and show your support!

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June Pest of the Month: Bed Bugs

bed bug

Brief description:

  • Mahogany to re-brown in color
  • Flat, broad when unfed; swollen and elongated when fed
  • Ranging in size from 1.3mm to 7mm in length depending on the age
  • Females can lay up to 500 eggs in their lifetime
  • Bed bugs feed on the blood of warm bodied animals
  • Consume a blood meal every 5-10 days but can survive a whole year without eating


  • Bed bugs harbor in cracks and crevices during the day and come out for blood feedings at night
  • Hence their name, they are often found in beds among the mattress, box springs, rails, frame, headboard, and footboard
  • They are excellent hitchhikers.  They hide in luggage, purses, bags, and other belongings to travel from place to place

Different species:


  • Bites are painless but can cause an allergic reaction which triggers small, red bumps on the skin


  • Inspect bedding for bed bug skins and blood spots
  • Change linens often
  • Inspect rooms when traveling.
  • Do not set luggage on the floor or on bed when traveling
  • Inspect luggage, clothing, and linens when you return from traveling
  • Inspect second hand furniture before bringing it into your home
  • Seek professional pest control company to address a bed bug infestation

Other pests to look out for: