Northwest’s Leigh Ann Browning, Outstanding Pest Management Professionals for 2011

Northwest Exterminating is proud to announce that Leigh Ann Browning, Office Manager of our Buford service center, has been selected as one of the Outstanding Pest Management Professionals for 2011 by the Georgia Pest Control Association. Leigh Ann is one of only six winners who will be recognized at the GPCA Winter Conference in Athens in January.

We are very proud of Leigh Ann for this recognition and are very grateful to her for her 12 years of outstanding service to Northwest Exterminating and our customers.

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Mold in Homes Linked to Asthma in Children

It’s not breaking news that mold in a home is dangerous to those living in it.  But with a recent study, they found that exposure to mold before the age of seven greatly increases a child’s risk of developing asthma.  Genetics are important to consider in the risks of asthma.  A child is more likely to develop asthma if their parents have it also.

The major focus of the study was exposure to molds during infancy and later childhood and the development of asthma.  After they reviewed the results they concluded that there was a connection between dampness and/or mold and asthma.  577 homes that had an infant of 1 year old living there was assessed.  For every home picked with a detection of mold or water damage a home without mold or water damage was also picked.  The study investigated the association between asthma and allergic sensitivity to molds, cat, dog and dust mites.  At the age of 7, 31 of 176 of those children were found to be asthmatic.  Children that were living in a home with mold or water damage at a year old had more than twice the risk of developing asthma.  The final recommendation was to minimize the exposure to molds.  Removing mold and dampness from these homes resulted in a significant amount of reductions in hospital visits for children’s asthma.

Mold can be found almost anywhere that moisture is present.  Just like a plant, molds create tiny spores and begin to reproduce.  Mold spores constantly float through the air and when they land, they begin to grow.

Tips on how to eliminate mold in your home:

  • Clean up any existing mold with soap and water.  Let the area dry completely.
  • Eliminate sources of moisture.
  • Use exhaust fans or open a window in bathrooms and kitchen when showering, cooking or washing dishes.
  • Promptly fix water leaks.
  • Damp or wet items should be dried completely within 1 to 2 days to prevent mold from growing.
  • Maintain low indoor humidity.
  • According to recent studies, indoor air cleaners and humidifiers can significantly reduce air pollutants such as mold.
  • Make sure that your HVAC system is working properly.

See Northwest’s crawl space enclosure service for a great solution to keep your home mold free.


Northwest's Realtor Relations Team

In this housing economy, Realtors are more important than ever.  We know that you take your job seriously and want to do what’s in your customer’s best interest at all times.  That’s why Northwest Exterminating has a whole team that is specifically devoted to serving Realtors!

We offer you peace of mind and treat your customers as our own.  Although termite letters are no longer required in the state of Georgia, we all know that having a professional termite inspection and peace of mind is worth the time and effort.  A termite letter is a great selling tool that gives a buyer comfort in knowing the house is free of termites.

We assist real estate agents in the buying and selling process by providing:

To schedule your FREE termite inspection CLICK HERE!  To find out more about our Realtor Services CLICK HERE!


Going Green Georgia Campaign with WSB

Northwest Exterminating recently teamed up with WSB-TV in their Going Green Georgia campaign.  Going Green Georgia is a commitment to our community to educate Georgia on all things Green.  In this segment, you will see how Northwest Exterminating features Green Services that keep your home healthy while also being environmentally friendly.  This video highlights our NorPest Green Pest Control, Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System, and TAP Insulation.  For more information on any of these services visit us online or call 888.466.7849.

If video does not automatically load, click HERE.




WSB-TV and Northwest Team Up Once Again

WSB-TV and Northwest Exterminating have teamed up once again!  Together, we will be exploring the future of Georgia’s Green lifestyle.  WSB-TV will be airing a half-hour special that will focus on the effects of traffic, climate changes and what we need to do to keep Georgia “LIVING GREEN“.

Be sure to check out Steve Phillips, President of Northwest Exterminating, as he talks about how Northwest is Going Green!

When: Wednesday, September 7, 2011
8:00 pm

Where: WSB-TV, Channel 2


Nashville & Columbus…Here We Come!

Northwest Exterminating is expanding to Columbus, GA and Nashville, TN!

Northwest Exterminating is proud to announce that we are expanding into two new markets.  In March, we opened our 15th service center in Columbus, GA.  After servicing the Columbus area for many years, we thought it was time to put some roots down in the growing community. 

Most recently, Northwest Exterminating has announced that it will soon be opening a location in Nashville, Tennessee.  We have worked with builders in the area for a few years and decided that Nashville would be the perfect place for us to open our first service center outside of Georgia. 

 We are very excited about the expansion into these new areas and we’re looking forward to being a part of the local communities.


Choosing a Termite/Pest Company

We recently discussed the difference between termite damage and termite activity.

If you do not have a current termite control company and are shopping around there are a few things that you should be looking for:

How long has the company been in business? If you are receiving quotes from 2-3 companies and one is considerably lower in price, be careful. You don’t necessarily want the cheapest because it could mean they are on the downfall and you’d be stuck with the same scenario even after spending several hundred dollars. Ever see a “going out of business sale” sign? There’s a reason everything is marked down 70% or more. They’re no longer worried about the effectiveness of their product. They just want to get rid of it to make a little money before they close.

Do they have different options in termite protection/pest protection, such as “green” services? Some people could care less about “going green” when it comes to bugs and termites. However, it is important to think about what “green” means. Green pest products are made up of botanical plant particles and minerals. Natural earth derived products are an important aspect of the exterminating industry. For years, pest companies have poured, pumped and sprayed millions of gallons of chemicals into the ground worried about keeping bugs away from homes, children and pets. Why are we concerned about keeping bugs away but have no problem with letting our families and pets be around harmful chemicals? Most companies have a form of “green” control but ask them what their products are made from and to give you a list of products they use. More importantly, ask if they keep their traditional and green products and equipment separate from each other so that there is no cross-contamination. Finally, for those few who still don’t care about the environment, I still urge you to go with a green solution. Most companies with a green solution still have access to traditional products but the goal is to only treat those as needed. Use green products around your home on a regular basis and if the need calls for it, traditional products can be used in a much smaller area upon request.

Go with a company that can provide several services. If you have ants in your kitchen, termites in your garage and mosquitoes in your backyard you don’t want to have to call three different companies. That’s three different appointments that you have to take time out of your schedule for, three different bills and three different agreements. Wouldn’t it be much easier to make one phone call and set up one appointment with one company? It’s much easier to remember who to call when anything comes up in the future and know they make you a high priority because they would stand to lose a lot more if they were to disappoint you.

Austin Milligan
Alpharetta Service Center Manager
Northwest Exterminating


Cicada Mania Invades Music City

Check out this video that was featured on Nightly News with Brian Williams last week about the return of cicada killers in Nashville.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


You Asked, We Answered

At Northwest Exterminating, we are the leaders in GREEN pest control.  We want to be sure that your home is treated with the most up-to-date kid and pet friendly pest control that is available.  We recently invited you to ASK THE EXPERT.  Below is a question we got from one curious Northwest customer:

Northwest Customer:
Thank-you. I would like to see the ingredients that are in the product used on the home’s interior due to breathing issues of the people and creatures who live here.  Ingredients for the exterior would be great as well. 

Northwest Expert:
Hi, Thank you for the question. It’s important to be cautious about materials being used inside especially when a person claims “Green” practices. The products used in our industry have 2 different components: an active ingredient and an inert. The inerts often are propellants, or materials used as carrying agents for the active ingredient.  Why this is important to you is the actual amount of product you may be exposed to may only be a percentage of the applied material. So for example, a product mixed in water may have an applied amount of 4 ounces of finished material delivered to the application site, part of a gallon of mixed material. To obtain that mixed gallon a person would mix an ounce of ingredient to 127 ounces of water. That 1 ounce of material would have maybe 5 -10 drops of active chemical, the rest being mixers and stabilizers. In our example of 4 ounces of applied material the active may only be .33 drops, spread over an entire structure. I say all that to demonstrate that even with a traditional approach very little material may be involved, and to give you an idea of the safety factor that goes into even our traditional approach.

When using Green products we use Diatomaceous earth in a powder form, Essential oils such as Eugenol, Geraniol, Clove, and Thyme, Natural Pyrethrum, and sometimes a boric acid compound for specific insects.

Hope this helps,
Jerry Hatch.   

We hope this helps you to understand a little bit about what makes NorPest GreenGreen.  If you have any questions for our expert…email him at


What Our Customers are Saying About Us?

As you may know, each week, Northwest Exterminating sends out a Customer Satisfaction Survey to our customers who have recently received a new service.  This feedback enables us to pursue our goal of Customers for Life! 

Below are just some of the comments we received in the month of April.  For additional comments, please contact us HERE.

  •  We have been a customer of Northwest since we moved to Georgia. The service people have always been on time, knowledgeable and friendly.  You are fortunate to have such good employees. – Buford
  •  Good customer communications, timely service, nice people…good result. – Wildlife
  • I was elated with the great customer service I received from everyone I dealt with at Northwest.  From those that answered the phone and all my questions, to those who showed up to do the actual application. My son works for a company under the umbrella of Servicemaster, meaning I could have gotten a discount for using Terminix, but I chose Northwest instead because of the incredible difference in the customer service, the professionalism and the willingness to explain the different programs, give ball-park costs, and in general – to make me feel that taking care of my pest control and termite control needs were important. – Dallas
  •  All of the representatives that have serviced my residence have been courteous, very professional, and knowledgeable about the product and company services. – Stockbridge
  •  The service was professional and informative. The rapid response to the problem was appreciated.                – Buford
  •  We have always been pleased with the service provided by Northwest. The servicemen are knowledgeable and friendly, and get the job done. – Dallas
  •  He came when he said he’d be here (he was actually a few minutes early! I was pleasantly surprised), he was very friendly, made sure everything was safe for our kids and dog, when called to return was here in minutes! – Lawrenceville
  •  Received follow up call after installation to be sure we were satisfied. – Lanier
  •  Speedy response to my phone calls and they always knew exactly what I was talking about and how to take care of the problem. – Wildlife
  •  The customer service representative was so polite and helpful. She was not over bearing in trying to sell your products/services. – Newnan
  •  I’m confident that if I have a question or issue I can call and speak to someone quickly and get the question or issue resolved. – Buford
  •  I have always been a fan of Northwest, as they have always provided exceptional service.  This last visit was no exception.  The initial inspector was friendly and thorough, answering all our questions.  The gentlemen who came out to perform the service were just as friendly and even more informative than I could have imagined.  They did an excellent job! – Wildlife
  •  Norman Terrell was UNBELIEVABLE! We tried another company that couldn’t get the job done to remove a huge rat problem in our house. We gave them 6 weeks to succeed, and they failed. Norman came in, on a recommendation from a friend of ours, and he had the rats gone from the house within 2 days. We couldn’t have been happier. In fact, we are moving our general pest control to Northwest, as a result of their superb work with the rats. Thank you, Norman. – Wildlife
  •  Northwest is an excellent company to be doing business with.  I am glad to have had them do my home for the prevention of termites and doing the inspections every year.  An excellent company. – Stockbridge
  •  The technician arrived when promised, was very pleasant to speak with, and did an excellent job treating my home. - Smyrna