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Closing your crawl space with Complete CrawlSpace can improve the overall health of your home. Moisture can lead to many issues…a high level of humidity – causing mold growth, an increase in pests, and energy loss (higher utility bills!). By closing your crawl space, we can correct these issues and prevent future problems. This means a healthier, more energy efficient living environment for you and your family. Call us today at 888-466-7849 or fill out the Free Inspection form for more information. Trust the Mouse to Protect your House.

What is Complete CrawlSpace?

One of the best ways to increase energy efficiency, prevent mold growth, and control pests in your crawl space is by completely closing off your crawl space. This could save you up to 18% on utility bills!

  • Create a healthier crawl space environment
  • Decrease humidity levels
  • Prevent wood rot, mold issues, and pest damage
  • Lower future cost of repairs or replacement of ductwork
  • Requires less energy to heat and cool your home…and best of all, lower bills!

About Crawl Spaces

If your home has a crawl space, your risk of having poor indoor air quality may be high. Because most crawl spaces are ventilated, hot air enters your crawl space, meeting cool air within. This creates moisture through condensation and is conducive to mold growth.

Closed Crawl Spaces

Closing your crawl space through a system that uses innovative technology will reduce moisture conditions under your home, provide a cleaner environment in the crawl space, lower energy bills, and improve overall air quality for your family.

Our service includes:

  • High quality, reinforced vapor liner to cover the crawl space ground and walls
  • Taped seams
  • Sealed foundation vents
  • Mechanical drying


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