kudzu Bug

Kudzu bugs are sometimes referred to as lablab bugs, globular stink bugs, shield bugs or bean platispids. Kudzu bugs were first discovered in Georgia 3 years ago and are making their way into the surrounding states.


  • 4-6 mm long
  • Oblong or trapezoidal in shape
  • Olive green with brown speckles
  • Looks like a brown lady bug
  • Also referred to as “stink bugs” for the smell they transmit when they are crushed


  • Primarily live in kudzu
  • Move indoors during cold temperatures or drought
  • Mainly feed on kudzu but also eat soybeans, beans, peas and other garden vegetables


  • Smell can be nauseating
  • Can damage crops by feeding on them
  • Emit pheromones that attract other kudzu bugs
  • Along with the pungent smell, they can stain carpet or other surfaces if stepped
  • Can be annoying for their tendency to swarm people and objects


  • Remove any kudzu or vines around the home that they could feed on
  • Keep window and door screens in tact so kudzu bugs cannot enter your home
  • Caulk or seal all cracks and crevices on the exterior of the home that could be used as an entryway
  • Use the vacuum to get rid of stink bugs in your home. Immediately empty the vacuum into a sealed bag and put in your outside garbage
  • Call a pest control professional