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Proper analysis,treatment, and timing are critical in achieving a green, healthy lawn. Our Lawn Care professionals are experts in all aspects of Lawn Care and use only the most advanced products. Get started today.

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Free Lawn Analysis

Free analysis of your lawn’s current condition to determine an effective treatment plan
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Service Schedule

A year-round service schedule for the healthiest, greenest lawn possible
lawn care fertilization


One of the most important steps and the determining factor in your lawn’s health and appearance
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Weed Control

Existing and preventative weed control with post emergent and pre emergent herbicides
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Lawn Pests

Treatment for insects that cause damage to your lawn, including grubs, chinch bugs, & army worms
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Service Guarantee

We’ll come back in between regular scheduled visits, if needed, at no additional cost to you

Additional Lawn Care Services

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Aeration & Overseeding

Aerating your lawn will loosen compacted soil and allow your grass to grow faster and thicker. If you have fescue grass, overseeding is will further improve the health and appearance of your lawn. Our lawn care experts will advise you when and if your lawn is in need of aerating and overseeding.
atlanta lawn care tree and shrub care

Trees & Shrubs

A customized program for your trees and shrubs that will nourish, strengthen, and defend against diseases and pests – including Fertilization, Pest Control, & Disease Control. Tree & Shrub Care is a great addition to regular lawn care service and will further enhance the health and appearance of your yard.
lawn care disease control atlanta

Disease Control

Common symptoms include patchy brown spots, thinning grass, or any other discolorations, which can usually be prevented with lawn care service. Grass type, watering, & maintenance are also factors. Our lawn care technicians will develop a customized plan for your lawn issues to treat the issue and prevent future occurrences.

Seasonal Lawn Care Tips

spring lawn care tips atlanta


  • Fertilize to restore nutrients that winter depleted
  • Prevent & kill weeds with pre emergent & post emergent products
  • Core Aeration to loosen soil so fertilizer and water reach the grass roots
  • Remove thatch build-up so grass gets adequate water, oxygen, and fertilizer
  • Replace unhealthy lawn or grow new lawn with seed
  • Mow often but keep grass high to retain nutrients and control weeds

fall lawn care tips atlanta


  • Fall is the best time to fertilize for all grass types
  • September and October are the best months to control weeds like dandelions and clovers
  • Test the pH levels in your soil. Lawns with high acidity (low pH levels) need lime application
  • Remove thatch build-up so lawn gets adequate water, oxygen, and fertilizer
  • Plant new seed to replace unhealthy lawn or grow new lawn. The grass will grow better in fall’s cool temperatures

summer lawn care tips atlanta


  • Keep grass high; cutting it too short can make lawn dry out in hot weather.
  • Water lawn intensely & infrequently in the morning to keep grass green & healthy while conserving water
  • Your lawn is most vulnerable in hot weather; keep pets, people & vehicles off your grass is to preventing damage.

winter lawn care tips atlanta


  • Before cold weather hits, fertilize your lawn one last time to prepare it for spring and replenish nutrients lost during the hot summer
  • Before it gets cold, grass should be left at its normal height in an effort to provide insulation against the harsh winter elements

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