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A healthy, green lawn requires a lot more than just watering and mowing. That’s where we come in! To get the results that you can be proud of, trust your lawn to Northwest’s Lawn Care experts.

Our technicians are experts in all aspects of lawn care and we use only the most advanced active ingredients available today. As with all the services that Northwest provides, we strive to create a healthier living and working environment for our customers. Call us today at 888-466-7849 or fill out our Free Lawn Care Analysis form. Trust the Mouse to Protect your House.

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Lawn Care Services

Our comprehensive lawn care service starts with a free analysis of your lawn to determine a treatment plan. Then our lawn technicians will establish a year-round service schedule for the healthiest, greenest lawn possible. Included in your service is lawn fertilization, weed control, and insect and disease control. We also guarantee your satisfaction; if service is needed in between regular visits, our technicians will return at no cost to you. Read more…

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Lawn Aeration & Overseeding

In addition to regular lawn care service, aeration and overseeding can further improve the health of your lawn and allow our treatments to be more effective. Aeration is a process of coring holes in your lawn, and overseeding (for fescue lawns) is a method of seeding over existing grass. Read more…

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Tree & Shrub Services

To enhance your new lawn, our tree and shrub care program is a great addition to regular lawn care service. Our lawn care technicians will evaluate the trees and shrubs in your yard and develop a program to nourish, strengthen, and defend against diseases like rot and fungus, as well as control insects before they cause damage. Read more…

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Lawn Disease Control

Prevention is key in controlling lawn diseases. Regular lawn care service will ensure your lawn is getting the nutrients it needs to promote healthy development. If diseases are present, the first step is evaluation to identify the problem. Then our lawn care technicians can develop the best plan of attack. If you’re seeing brown patches, thinning grass, or discoloration, and you’re not sure what’s causing it, call us today and we’ll perform a free analysis. Read more…

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Lawn Care Tips

A healthy, green lawn starts with professional lawn care service. But there are things you can do at home to complement our service and to ensure you get the best possible results. Read more…

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Lawn Care Learning Center

A comprehensive guide to all things lawn care. Find out what type of grass you have, what kinds of fertilizers are best to use for your grass type and when to fertilize, types of weeds and how to control them, lawn & tree pests and diseases, and more.


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Is There More To Come ??
Oct 31, 2013 by Don Lutz

Altho a user of your pest control service for years, I have only recently started your lawn care service. "So far - so good" as you have successfully eliminated the infestation of crab grass that was already germinating in the sodded lawn recently installed by our previous lawn service. (Underscore previous.) My hope is that you will someday expand your services to include such additional residential work as lawn topping, lawn and shrub installation, landscape design, etc. Another player providing these services is really needed in the Paulding County and surrounding areas.

May 03, 2013 by Kieymoul Johnson

I was very satisfied with the tech that came out to provide the pest control service. He was knowledgeable courteous and respectful.

Northwest Exterminating 888-466-7849 830 Kennesaw Ave Marietta GA, 30060 USA 4.5 5.0 2 2 Altho a user of your pest control service for years, I have only recently started your lawn care service. "So far - so good" as you have successfully eliminated the infestation of