Lawn Aeration & Overseeding

green grass


Sometimes your lawn needs a little extra attention and care in addition to regular lawn care service. Aerating your lawn will loosen compacted soil and allow your grass to grow faster and thicker. Through a system of coring holes in your yard, aeration will make our lawn treatments more effective; more oxygen and our fertilizers will reach the grass roots, and water will be better absorbed.

Our lawn care technicians will determine if, and when, your lawn requires core aeration.


If you have fescue grass, overseeding is an additional service that will further improve the health and appearance of your lawn. By seeding over your existing lawn, new grass growth will appear giving you a more dense lawn. Paired with aeration, within a few short months, your lawn’s health will be visibly improved.

As with aeration, our lawn care technicians will advise you if overseeding is necessary for your fescue lawn, and determine the best time of year for optimal results.