Northwest Lawn Care Services

Successful lawn care takes a lot of time, effort, and expertise. Analysis, treatment, and timing are critical in achieving the results that you want. A professional lawn care service will ensure that your lawn is evaluated and treated with the proper amounts of fertilizer and weed control products. It can actually be less expensive to use a professional lawn care service; our equipment and careful application reduces waste.

To get started and receive 50% off your first lawn treatment, fill out the form on this page. A lawn care representative will contact you to schedule your free lawn analysis. 

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Free Lawn Care Analysis

The first step in your customized lawn care plan: a comprehensive analysis of your lawn at no charge. Each lawn is unique with specific needs and challenges. Our trained professionals start by gaining a thorough understanding of your lawn including the overall health, grass and soil type, turf density, diseases, weed problems, and pet or insect damage. We’ll also analyze your current mowing and watering methods to determine where improvements can be made. Based on our findings, we will develop a detailed, customized plan for your lawn.

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Lawn Service Schedule

A healthy, green lawn begins from beneath – it’s only as good as the soil under it. That is why it is so important to begin treatments early and maintain your lawn throughout the year with regular service.

Our lawn care service is based on a year round schedule to ensure that your lawn is constantly getting what it needs. Because our program is customized specifically for your lawn, together we will establish a watering and mowing schedule for maximum impact. The result will be a thicker, healthier, and greener lawn.

Our service includes fertilization, weed control, insect control, and a free service call policy to ensure your satisfaction.

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Lawn Fertilization

Possibly one of the most important steps in a successful lawn care service, fertilizers play an important role in your lawn’s health and appearance. Our lawn care technicians will determine the amount of fertilizers needed for your yard and the best times during the year to apply them. This will ensure your lawn is getting exactly what it needs, when it needs it. Too much or too little fertilization can have adverse effects on your lawn; that’s why professional service is essential to your lawn’s success.

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Weed Control

Upon completing your Free Lawn Care Analysis, our technicians will determine existing weed issues in your yard and devise a plan to eliminate them with post emergent herbicides. We’ll also spot-treat any areas with weeds throughout the year, as needed. As part of your customized service plan, pre emergent weed control will be implemented to prevent future weed development.

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Lawn Pest Control

Our lawn care service includes treatment for insects throughout the year that can cause damage to your lawn. Common threats include grubs, worm-like larvae that feed on your grasses roots, chinch bugs which will cause damaged, yellow patches to appear, and army worms that cause brown patches in the lawn. Fleas and ticks can also be pest threats in your yard and can be treated with our Pest Control services.

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Service Guarantee

As with all of Northwest’s services, we offer guaranteed satisfaction on our Lawn Care Services. If service is needed in between regularly schedule visits, your technician will return at no additional cost to you. Your satisfaction if our first priority.

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Additional Lawn Care Services