Carpenter Bees


carpenter bee









Carpenter bees are often mistaken for bumble bees, as they are similar in size and color, and are frequently seen in the spring hovering around the eaves of a house or under decks or porch rails.


  • Large, black and yellow bees
  • Males have light or yellow face with large eyes, often seen hovering near nests


  • Make nests by tunneling into wood, usually with only one entry hole but several tunnels within
  • Entry holes are usually perfectly circular, about 16mm in length (.63 inches)
  • Do not eat wood; it’s discarded or re-used to build partitions within tunnels (leaving sawdust on surfaces beneath the nest)
  • Feed on plant nectar


  • Homes with wooden decks, eaves, or other areas of exposed wood are likely targets for carpenter bee damage
  • Males do not have stingers but can be aggressive to other bees, animals, or people near the nest
  • Females can sting but rarely do unless agitated


  • Treat or paint all exposed wood surfaces
  • Each nest hole should be treated individually if bees are inside
  • Seal or paint nest holes if bees are not inside
  • Call a professional pest control company – 888-466-7849