Gray Squirrels

Gray Squirrel






The Gray Squirrel can be found throughout Georgia.


  • Predominantly gray in color with white markings
  • Short, thick fur and bushy tail
  • Weighs 1 to 1.5 pounds


  • Spend the majority of their time in trees foraging for food
  • Active year round, but most active in the morning and evenings on dry days
  • Often make nests in attics or garages for warmth, shelter, and food


  • Often invade bird feeders, garbage cans, and attics
  • Can cause considerable damage outdoors to electrical and telephone cables
  • Can cause damage to contents of attic including wood, insulation, wires, and storage boxes.
  • Urine and dropping can contaminate insulation and other areas of the attic.


  • Locate and seal off any entry points 1/4″ or larger to prevent squirrels and other rodents from entering the home.
  • Caulk any openings or crevices that can be used as entry points.
  • Provide an exclusive barrier on roofline
  • Set traps out
  • To keep squirrels from using utility wires as a way to your attic, slit a 2-foot section of 2-inch PVC pipe lengthwise and slip it over the wire. This makes squirrels unable to maintain their footing when the pipe rotates.
  • Cut back tree limbs that are close to your structure.
  • Squirrel removal is not recommended for amateurs.  Call Northwest Exterminating for squirrel removal.