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Northwest Exterminating has been serving the Southeast with innovative, effective home pest control solutions for over 60 years. We know bugs.

In addition to the annoyance bugs bring, there are also health concerns associated with pests. Your family’s health is your number one priority. It’s ours too.

For pest control, the solution is simple: NorPest Green…Pest Control the way Nature Intended. Trust the Mouse to Protect Your House.

NorPest Green was developed exclusively by Northwest Exterminating to get rid of pests while maintaining the lowest environmental impact possible. We know how important protecting the health of your family (pets included!) and the environment is…now you can do both with our environmentally friendly pest control solution.

NorPest Green is a customized program that utilizes only the most innovative and advanced products and equipment available. Our products’ active ingredients are derived from flowers, plants, and natural elements from the earth. No harsh chemicals. And just as effective as traditional pest control.

In addition, every NorPest Green pest control service consists of a five-step integrated pest management (IPM) process.

  1. Protection Plan Startup - Your pest control specialist will design and execute a thorough interior and exterior startup plan customized for your home based on the inspection, identification of pest threats, and preventative recommendations.
  2. Professional Inspection - Your pest control specialist will perform initial and routine home inspections for current pest issues, conditions conducive to pest infestations, and possible entry points that may contribute to future pest problems.
  3. Positive Identification - Target pests will be properly identified by your pest control specialist. This will ensure that your home receives the appropriate plan related to product selection and areas to be treated.
  4. Perimeter Protection - Your pest control specialist will perform ongoing treatments around the outside perimeter of your home. This will provide you with long-term preventative pest control protection.
  5. Proactive Communication & Recommendations - Your pest control specialist will communicate with you personally and with detailed reports. The reports will precisely convey the targeted pests, conducive conditions, areas treated, and specific product usage.

Cost of Professional Pest Control

Because NorPest Green is a unique, customized pest control service, prices vary based on your specific needs and pest issues. That’s why we offer free, no obligation inspections. If you’re not experiencing specific pest problems and would like preventative treatments, one of our customer service specialists can assist you with a price over the phone. Fill out the form on this page to start eliminating pests now, and receive $25 off your first treatment!

Ongoing Service and Protection

While one treatment may eliminate current pest issues, we recommend ongoing service to prevent future pest problems. NorPest Green quarterly visits, once every three months, will ensure your home and family are protected from pests year round.

Common Household Pests – Guaranteed Protection with NorPest Green

Identify Your Pest

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