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Residential Service
Jun 20, 2014 by Lisa

Thank you, Ricky, for your thorough initial service of our home. You were professional and most importantly, eager to work around our schedule and our dogs. "Must love dogs" is a requirement for being in our home. Ricky embraced that kind of thinking and showed not a hint of frustration as I transferred the dogs from the back yard, to the basement, upstairs, and then back outside. Thank you.

Jun 17, 2014 by Mary Ellen Long

Terry Hardy is wonderful! I have been dealing with ants in my kitchen for more years than I want to remember and he is the only rep who has been able to KEEP THEM AWAY. He knows pest control.

Jun 01, 2014 by Sandra

Many compliments to this company from our rep, Jonathon, Stockbridge, to the technician, Jeremy. My husband & I are extremely happy with this company. Jonathon was very thorough in explaining the process of the life of termites & other concerns for the longevity of a home\'s interior & exterior. I hope other homeowners keep Northwest in mind while searching for a pest control company. I KNOW they will be happy!

Astute Service Representative
May 14, 2014 by Cindy Lacy

Swarmers and termites ran out from under our fridge several weeks ago much to our horror! Andrew Carlyle treated the area without damaging the hardwood flooring. I told him we would be replacing the flooring in the half bath, adjacent to the kitchen lines due to what we thought was a faulty toilet seating. He asked to stop by after the old flooring was removed and before replacing the new flooring just to ensure there were no termites; however, active termites were present so he drilled and treated 3 areas. Due to his observation and expertise, we are thankful because in time the new flooring and toilet would again have had to be ripped up and replaced again. Thanks, Andrew!

Honest and Thorough!
May 02, 2014 by Meagen Quarles

We had Jody Allred come to our home and do a termite and pest inspection as part of a real estate transaction. We needed a second opinion as the buyers home inspector spent very little time in our home and said we had an active termite and rodent problem which caused our buyers to back out. I was appalled as I knew this was not true. Jody checked every crack and crevice around our entire home inside and out and even crawled into a very small area under our stairs to check everything. He was amazingly thorough and completely honest with me. There were NO active termites or rodents! What he did find were simple boring beetles in the wood around our garage doors and took the time to show me exactly where he saw the evidence, and how the beetles ate the wood (very minor). I was so thankful to have him give me the information and show me everything. I would recommend anyone use this company and request Jody personally if you live in the Canton/Kennesaw/Cartersville area! Truly wonderful experience!

Apr 30, 2014 by Shashidhar vegesna

I have had other lawn care companies do aeration on my lawn previously, but the work that William Glidden and Josh have put in totally exceeded my expectations and their work surpassed other company\'s professional service.
They put the extra effort to walk across to find the troubled spots and aerating over them multiple times to ensure they accomplished what they were there for, Instead of just going over the lawn once and being done with it like the other lawn care providers. They were professional , curteous and knowledgable in what they did.

Apr 09, 2014 by Jane Walker

Todd from Northwest Ext. in Carrollton, GA just left my house after obliterating a big ant nest in the attic. Thanks for going the extra distance to find the source!

Excellent service
Apr 04, 2014 by Patti Robinson

I am new to the area and had lots of questions about pests that I had to look out for. Bill Harris spent a lot of time with me going over the whole house explaining what to look for. I have two dogs and he went out of his way to explain about poisonous snakes and what to watch for my dogs. He went above and beyond what he needed to do! Excellent service!

Pest Control
Mar 30, 2014 by M. Mendez

My residence was treated by Luke Johnston, he was very professional and went above and beyond explaining me what he did and what products he used, this is a plus since most people just apply their products and walk away.
I will use them again

Termite Inspection
Mar 07, 2014 by Cheryl Braddy

Chris Martin was very professional and through in his termite inspection. He answered all my questions and was very knowledgeble. Thanks for good service.

Northwest Exterminating 888-466-7849 830 Kennesaw Ave Marietta GA, 30060 USA 4.9 5.0 84 84 After my annual termite expection today, I said that after all these years I just had to "submit a review". John Davis has been coming out for the last few years, and he has alway