Among the biggest roadblocks to a healthy looking lawn are the dreaded weeds.    Weeds can be troublesome during the development stage, however, it is essential to the successful development of your lawn to withhold using post and pre-emergent herbicides (weed control).  The sight of weeds in your lawn may be a nuisance, but during the development stage, it is more important to concentrate on the successful establishment of your lawn.

However, if the lawn is established and no visible sod lines are present, a post and pre-emergent treatment during the appropriate weather and temperature conditions will be applied.  If your lawn is established, post and pre emergent treatments should start now!  Pre-emergent is a treatment that controls weeds before they germinate, while post-emergent treatment kills any existing weeds.  These treatments are usually completed 6-7 times per year with 6-8 weeks in between each treatment.  Starting this process now maximizes your chances of a weed-free lawn during the growing season of spring and summer.

A professional lawn care service will ensure that your lawn is evaluated and treated with the proper amounts of fertilizer and weed control products.  Call Northwest today to set up your FREE lawn care analysis.  888.466.7849

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