Ask our Expert!

Jerry Hatch
Northwest Exterminating
Commercial Training & Development Specialist
Board Certified Entomologist

Jerry has been a great asset to the Northwest Exterminating team.  Jerry’s experience, and vast knowledge in the pest control and environmental health industries make him one of our “go-to” team members.  Not to mention his witty personality.

Jerry has decades of Environmental Health experience focusing on public health and pest management. Specializing in solutions for industries, he is interested in protection of the public health, environmental health and working with companies to develop and execute unique training and implementation methods to achieve their goals.

Jerry’s credentials include: Board Certified Entomologist, Certified Environmental Health Specialist, Hazardous Materials Specialist, Certified Professional in Food Safety and Certified LEEDS Green Associate

If you have any questions for our Pest Control Expert…send them over.  We’d love to help!