3 Reasons Why Business Owners Need Pest Control in Miami Gardens

3 Reasons Why Business Owners Need Pest Control in Miami Gardens

Miami Gardens Pest Control: Commercial Pest Control for Businesses

Dealing with a pest infestation at your business is never ideal. Our Miami-Gardens area is known for its tourism, making your business vulnerable to a pest infestation. Whether you’re dealing with rats at your restaurant, birds at your retail store, or roaches in your apartment complex, a pest infestation can be devastating to your business. Check out our top three reasons why your business needs commercial pest control.

Pests Bring Health Risks

Every business owner wants to ensure that their team and customers are healthy and safe. Pests such as rats and roaches can carry many diseases and pathogens that can be transferred to food and food surfaces, leading to contamination. Whether you are a food-handling facility or not, pests can cause a health risk to your customers and team. When you invest in a recurring pest control plan, the risks of these pests visiting your business are reduced, giving you peace of mind that your customers and team are safe.

Pests Put Your Brand at Risk

If a customer sees a pest in your business, it can be detrimental to your brand reputation. With online reviews and social media, the news of an infestation at your business can spread fast. This can lead to bad reviews, fewer customers, and financial problems. Having a preventative pest plan in place can help ensure your brand keeps its reputation.

Pests Damage Property

Certain pests can cause damage to your property, equipment, products, and even the structure of your building. Birds are known to damage a building’s structural integrity by dislodging roof tiles, destroying insulation, and even chewing through packages in search of food. These problems can lead to larger problems with costly repairs. Having a plan in place to prevent these pests from entering your business property can help ensure your business is gaining money instead of losing it.

Dealing with a pest infestation is the last thing you want to deal with at your business. Investing in a customized commercial pest control plan can help avoid these pests and allow you to get back to what matters most, your business, team, and customers. Contact your local Miami Gardens pest control company for a pest control analysis.


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Protecting Your Business’s Outside Space

Protecting Your Business’s Outside Space

Whether it is an outside dining space, lounge, or entry area, keeping pests away is essential in these high-traffic areas that see customers. To avoid any pest problem in your outdoor space, here are some easy maintenance tips to help keep pests away from your outdoor business space.

Keep Garbage Away

Pests like roaches, rats, and mice are all looking for a food source, often leading them to the trashcans. By placing trash cans outside, it can easily create a pest problem and even odors. Instead, place them inside your business, making sure it’s emptied and cleaned often. If trashcans are needed outside, consider investing in trashcans with covers. Trashcan covers will both help with reducing odors and keeping pests from infesting.

Check for Water

Throughout your outdoor space, keep an eye out for any standing water that could attract pests. Mosquitoes are constantly looking for standing water to breed. Frequently clean out your gutters and downspouts, as the leaves and debris can create clogs and standing water. Outdoor water features, such as fountains and ponds, should be cleaned and maintained often.

Clean it Up

Outdoor spaces where food is served should always stay as clean as possible. Spills and leftover food crumbs on the ground can attract pests right into the outdoor space and they could even find their way inside. Remove all plates, bowls, cups, and cutlery as soon as your customers leave or finish eating. Wipe tabletops down right after and sweep up any leftover food that has fallen.

Have a Pest Plan

Utilizing the above tips can help control and prevent pests from infesting, though having a customized commercial pest control plan could help even more. A trained service professional will be able to access, inspect, and provide you with the best plan of action to keep pests away from both your outdoor and indoor spaces to ensure your reputation is upheld.

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