What Makes Your Business Vulnerable to Pests

What Makes Your Business Vulnerable to Pests

We know your business, customers, and team are at the top of your mind; so when you spot a pest problem, you will likely ask two questions: How can you get rid of them, and where did they come from? Every business owner must be aware of what is attracting and drawing pests inside. Here we break down certain factors that could make your business vulnerable to pest invasions and some commercial pest control tips you can utilize. 

Garbage & Trash  

Pests need a food source to survive and trash is the perfect way for them to get it! Common pests like rodents and roaches will often seek these areas. It’s extremely important to empty the trash multiple times a day, along with keeping your business’s dumpster cleaned and maintained throughout the week. Place your trash receptacles and dumpster far away from your business building. Always make sure that the container lids are tightly sealed and always kept closed.  

Irregular Cleaning  

A clean business is not only appealing to customers but will also help to avoid a pest infestation. Throughout each week, regularly sweep and vacuum up food crumbs and debris from the dining areas, kitchens, break rooms, and entryways. Make sure to pay attention to areas behind furniture and appliances, as well.  

Deliveries & Shipments   

Packages, boxes, and containers will often host hitchhiking pests! Pests like roaches or spiders will latch onto these deliveries and easily make their way inside your business. If you can, dedicate a space inside, away from your customers, to inspect these deliveries. Some great ways to tell if there is a pest infestation, besides seeing the actual pest, is noticing any rips, tears, or holes, or seeing droppings. If you notice any of these signs of pests, take the packages outside immediately and make sure to discard the boxes away from your business. 

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