How Long Until I See Pest Control Results in Fort Myers?

How Long Until I See Pest Control Results in Fort Myers?

Fort Myers Pest Control: Frequently Asked Questions

The hot, humid weather of South Florida, specifically Fort Myers, is a major attraction for unwanted pests in your home. Discovering pests isn’t uncommon, but no one wants them in their house for very long. The first step in removal is to contact your local pest control company to perform an inspection and initial service; but how long does it take to see results that lead to a pest-free home?

How Long is the Pest Control Service?

The time it takes to complete your service is on a case-by-case basis. The pest control service chosen and the level of severity will determine how long the initial or future services will take. The sizes of the house and yard will also determine the time frame in which the service will take.

How Long Does It Take to See Pest Control Results?

In most cases, you will see results in one to two days time. The exact timeframe depends on the type of pest being dealt with and the choice of materials that were used for the removal process. You might even see an increase in pest activity right after the initial service, but this is a good sign! Seeing pests means the pesticides are working and we have disrupted their normal breeding and feeding habits. Give it about a week to see the activity die down. If you still see active pests after this timeframe, it might mean another round is needed.

If you have tried everything to remove pests on your own but can’t seem to rid your home of them, give your local Fort Myers pest control company a call! These professionals will provide a free inspection and recommend the right plan for you and your Fort Myers property.


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