The Importance of Honeybees and Their Honey

The Importance of Honeybees and Their Honey

Honeybees have a significant role within our environment, the food we eat, the flowers we plant, and so much more. They are extremely hardworking and support so much of the sustenance of life. There are many reasons why honeybees and their honey are so important to humans; find out why below!

They Pollinate Our Food

To look for pollen, honeybees will travel long distances. Through these trips, fertilization takes place between food crops. They do this by using the hairs on their bodies to carry large grains of pollen between plants, helping crops produce better. In the US alone, honeybees are known to pollinate more than 100 crops! Because of their pollination, we can enjoy foods like cucumbers, cherries, apples, limes, and lemons. These insects also pollinate our wild plants, helping provide food to a wide variety of insects, birds, and animals, and overall, playing a major component in our biodiversity.

The Importance of Their Honey

Honeybees carry nectar extracted from plants and taken back to their hive. They create honey by mixing this nectar with their saliva in a cell within their hive. Honey is known to provide immense benefits to humans and our health. It’s been found that honey can prevent cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, heal wounds, and fight bacteria! There are also several products made from honey that can support us overall. The most common products we often see come from honey, including bee pollen for health benefits and bee wax for skin care products, candles, and even furniture polish!

Caring for Honeybees

The importance of honeybees is significant to our environment and overall well-being. At Northwest, we are proud to offer our honeybee relocation and protection services to continue keeping honeybees active and alive! Our Certified Honeybee Keepers are trained to safely remove, relocate, and care for the honeybees that have found their home in yours! If you’re interested in Northwest’s Honeybee Relocation & Protection Service, call our team today for a free inspection!

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