Northwest is upgrading your termite protection!


Now your Sentricon System will utilize Always Active technology offering 24/7/365 year around protection.  You can still expect the same great service that you’ve always had with Northwest Exterminating and The Sentricon System, but with even better termite protection. With Always Active, your stations will be baited at all times…so there’s no delay. Each station contains enough termite bait to eliminate an entire colony.

  • Recruit HD termite bait will be placed in every Sentricon station making it Always Active
  • Recruit HD termite bait is immediately available to termites when they enter the stations
  • Recruit HD termite bait remains available all the time, year round, to eliminate termite colonies and protect against future invasions
  • No additional charges
  • Same lifetime warranty as traditional Sentricon
  • Less disruption to the landscape
  • Provides ultimate termite protection for your most valuable investment

Sentricon is the most studied pest control product on the market and works on all types of termites. With over 3 years of internal testing and over 8 years by Dow AgroSciences, Northwest confidently stands behind Sentricon Always Active as our preferred choice for termite protection.

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