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Our Florida Rodent Control Team specializes in the exclusion, removal, and control of rats and other household rodents. 


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Our South Florida Rodent Control Team specializes in the exclusion, removal, and control of rodents. Rats and mice can cause significant and costly damage to your home or business – chewing through wiring, ruining furniture, damaging walls – AND create health problems by contaminating surfaces, causing allergic reactions, and spreading diseases. If you have a rodent problem, it’s an unsanitary situation that needs immediate, ongoing, and professional Rodent Control.


Our Florida Rodent Control Team will inspect your home to identify your rodent problem, determine where they are getting in, implement fast & effective trapping and control methods, and prevent rodents from getting into your home in the future. We’ll also inform you of any existing damage or contamination and provide you with recommendations for repairs and/or clean-up.

Rodent Inspection

The first step in Rodent Control is a thorough property inspection of your home to determine where and how rodents are gaining access into your Florida home or business. 

Free Rodent Control Estimate

After the initial inspection is completed, our Florida Rodent Control Team will have a good understanding of the control & treatment measures needed to eliminate rodents from your home or business, as well as future rodent prevention steps. We’ll work with you to determine a plan and budget, customized for your needs. 

Rodent Trapping

Timing is critical in effective South Florida rodent control; the longer rodents are in your home or business, the more damage they can cause and the harder it is to eradicate them. By strategically placing traps and stations in the most effective locations, our Rodent Services Team will get rid of rodents as quickly as possible. 


After rodent traps are placed in key areas, our Florida Rodent Control Team will check the traps frequently for activity, remove dead rodents, and add or move new & existing traps as needed. 

Rodent Exclusion

Rodent exclusion service is critical to prevent future rodent invasions, once the rodents are removed from your Florida home or business. Our rodent control experts will seal any rodent entry points and rodent-proof necessary areas to ensure rodents STAY OUT! Depending on your service needs, rodent exclusion can also include ongoing rodent control, where stations are placed and monitored on a routine basis. 

Rodent Contamination Clean-up

In some cases, clean-up services are needed, if rodents have infested areas like attics or basements for an extended period of time. Rodents leave behind urine, feces and other debris that should be removed, areas cleaned and sanitized, and any damaged areas corrected. Attic insulation is often contaminated by rodents and may need to be removed and replaced. Disinfection services may also be recommended for extreme or prolonged rodent infestations, or if you feel the health of your family has been affected, or could potentially be in the future.



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