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An alternative solution to tent fumigation, no tent termite treatments make treating your South Florida home for drywood termites easy. Northwest’s no tent termite treatment method is convenient and hassle-free, and just as effective at eliminating termites, compared to tenting and fumigation.

No tent termite treatments reduce the amount of preparation and requirements needed before treatment, and minimzes the 3 day evacuation post-treatment. 

Termite damage is costly and is not covered by most home insurance policies. For more information on our no tent termite treatment, schedule a free termite inspection today. We’ll provide you with the best termite treatment option for your home – eliminating current termite infestations – and offer ongoing warranty options to protect against future termite infestations and damage. 

*No tent termite treatments are offered in Florida only.

No Need to Leave Your Home


No Removal of Plants, Food, Medications


No Damage to Roof or Landscaping


No Damage to Roof or Landscaping

No Tent Termite Treatment

How it Works

As part of our No Tent Termite Treatment, Northwest’s team of termite exterminators will directly inject an advanced termite non-repellent product into dry wood termite galleries, addressing all types of termite infestations.

This method goes to work eliminating termites from your home immediately, as the termites come in contact with any treated areas and then start spreading the non-repellent to the entire termite colony. Once the treatment reaches the termite queen, the colony is eliminated.

In addition, Northwest takes a proactive approach by treating termite entry points – to minimize future termite infestations.

Think you have termites?

Here are the signs



Termites, although often undetected, will make soft, clicking noises inside your as they eat.

Holes or Wood Damage

An obvious sign that termites are nesting in your walls – small, often unnoticeable holes can be found on the interior or exterior walls of your home. Also look for any damaged or warped wood, window/door frames, baseboards, etc.

Termite Droppings

Termite feces may be visible if an active termite infestation is present. Look for dark colored droppings that looks similar to black pepper.

Swarms or "Flying Ants"

Often mistaken for ants, termite swarms are common after rain and are a good indication of a nearby infestation.



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