Florida homeowners know that the climate rarely changes in their state, typically staying well above 50 degrees year-round. With the warmer climate, pests tend to stick around year-long, sometimes invading our homes in the process! Spiders are a likely pest that homeowners might come across throughout the year. Check out the reason Florida spiders might be invading your home and how you can prevent them.

How Did Spiders Get into My Home?

Spiders thrive in Florida’s humid climate, which provides plenty of opportunities for several spider species to invade our homes! Spiders, such as wolf spiders, brown widows, and black widows are all common to our area. These pests are small and will sneak into the home through the smallest hole, gap, or through packages without being noticed. Spiders prefer to be secluded and hidden away from human activity, and they’ll often find dark areas in the home to habitat such as behind furniture, in basements, under dressers, and in attics.

How to Prevent Florida Spiders from Your Home

Taking precautions is the best way to ensure spiders don’t enter your home. Consider the following prevention tips to keep spiders away:

  • Inspect your foundation for cracks and repair them as soon as possible
  • Check your windows and doors throughout the year and repair any cracks or tears in screens
  • Declutter throughout your home by throwing away cardboard boxes, old newspapers, and keeping clothes off the ground.
  • Vacuum and dust frequently, especially in the rooms that are not often utilized
  • Check items that are prone to be infested with spiders, including firewood, plants, boxes, decorations, and even pets
  • Consider investing in a routine pest control plan to eliminate other pests and in return limits food sources for spiders, leaving them to search other places for a meal.

If you notice more spiders than you’re comfortable with on your property, reach out to your local pest control company for a free inspection!

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