Northwest Smyrna & Wildlife Teams Donate Sneakers & Books to Local Charities

Northwest Smyrna & Wildlife Teams Donate Sneakers & Books to Local Charities

In October, our Wildlife and Smyrna service centers joined each other to collect sneaker and book donations for a drive sponsored by Kids Care, Kindness in Doing Service Connecting and Respecting Everyone.  Kids Care was started by a mother daughter duo who wanted the world to know that kids do care and can make impactful differences.  

The sneakers and books our Wildlife and Smyrna teams graciously donated will be given to local nonprofits and charities including liveSAFE Resources in Marietta. Thank you to these two extraordinary teams; together they donated about 30 pairs of shoes and 40 books!  

The Good Deed Team has continued to seek opportunities to serve safely, and this Sneaker and Book DriveBy and Drop Off aligned with COVID protocols perfectly. We are grateful for Wildlife and Smyrna’s willingness to serve our communities. For more information on Kids Care and how you can further volunteer, visit their website.

Northwest Departments Drop Off Personalized Baskets to Gaines Park Residents

Northwest Departments Drop Off Personalized Baskets to Gaines Park Residents

The Northwest team has formed a partnership with the Gaines Park Senior Living community to help support the incredible residents who call Gaines home. COVID-19 has been difficult on all, and with many unable to visit their family during this time, Northwest corporate, commercial, and training departments wanted to get together to bring a bit of joy to the day of some of the residents.

What started as a mission to create 12 baskets resulted in 24 baskets being created and dropped off to the residents! Below are three that were created by teammates intentionally for a chosen resident.

Resident: Evelyn | Teammate: Paige

Paige from the Northwest Accounting team chose Ms. Evelyn because of their similar interest. Evelyn mentioned a love for bird watching and peanut butter crackers, and as Paige puts it, “We’re kindred spirits I guess.” Paige took the time to handmake a beaded suncatcher for Evelyn to hang in her window and a blanket. She also included some of her favorites: M&M’s and Peanut Butter Crackers.

Evelyn never expected anyone to take the time to do something like this for her! Paige took joy in including everything she was able to within her basket. We are thankful for teammates like Paige who value others well.

Resident: Mr. McNeely | Teammates: Garry & Jim

Wanting to honor a Veteran due to their close military family ties, teammates Garry and Jim chose Gaines Resident Mr. McNeely. He was a Tail Gunner during WW2! Garry and Jim wanted to put together something special as a way to say thank you for his service to our country.

The pair included memorabilia items, candy, a blanket, and other items focused on comfort in their Air Force themed basket.  The only goal for Garry and Jim was to honor this Veteran the best way they could and hopefully bring a smile to his face. We’re thankful for this pair serving others well!

Resident: Gail | Teammates: Carol & Linda

When Northwest teammates Carol and Linda paired up to create a basket, they immediately noticed Gaines Resident Gail because of her hobby with Bible studies and devotional books. The two set out to create a basket that fit Ms. Gail’s likes and hobbies to let her know we were thinking about her!

After noting her favorite color as teal, the pair included a teal devotional book, a bookmark, and matching pens! They also included her favorite candy: Sour Patch Kids! Carol mentioned it was fun to go shopping safely for these and a few other fun items specific for Gail! “I can only imagine how the residents are feeling not being able to go out at all right now. We really enjoyed shopping for her,” said Carol.


We are so thankful for this team that when asked to help, they go above the call. With 24 baskets delivered to the Gaines Residents, the team is hoping to remain involved the best we can while staying safe and listening to the regulations necessary to keep the residents healthy!

The baskets were dropped off with a member of the staff who also wrote a kind letter back to the Northwest team about how much the residents appreciated the gifts. Thank you, Gaines Park, for allowing us to bring some smiles during 2020.

Northwest Team Creates Unique Baskets for Senior Living Residents Amid Pandemic

Northwest Team Creates Unique Baskets for Senior Living Residents Amid Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult on most and brought changes for all. The Northwest Family loves to be involved with our community partners as much as possible, and we’ve had to get creative with the changes this year.

With an inspired idea from Jenna on the Northwest Accounting team, some Northwest Good Deed teammates got together to create customized baskets for the Gaines Park Senior Living residents. Teammates chose residents from a list and were provided details about some of their favorite things: color, flowers, snacks, etc. That way, each resident could receive a fun, unique baskets full of their preferred things!

The baskets were meant to show that we’re thinking about these seniors! Though we cannot visit the residents at this time as we usually like to, creating baskets for the seniors was a fun opportunity to be involved, and a small way we could support them.

Only a small number of baskets have been delivered so far! The others will be delivered at the end of the month. We can’t thank the staff at Gaines Park enough for allowing us the opportunity to celebrate these seniors and bring a bit a joy into their day. Also, a big thank you to our Northwest team for joining in on the opportunity and wanting to help any way they could!


Northwest Team Donates Clothes to Support Coweta County CPC

Northwest Team Donates Clothes to Support Coweta County CPC

The Northwest Newnan Family has always worked to support many local community organizations. One organization the team works with closely and normally volunteers with is the Coweta Pregnancy Center.

The Coweta Pregnancy Service (CPC) provides services to women and families that are in need. They provide pregnancy test, ultrasounds, and counseling for new moms. They are funded through a local church and donationsand are supported primarily by local community volunteers.

The Newnan team came together during the month of August to donate kids clothing to the CPC before the start of the new school year. They were able to collect 4 bags of clothes in total, for boys and girls, ranging from infant to pre-teen size!

Because of COVID-19 restrictions, the team is not able to volunteer their time with the organization as much as they would like to, but they still wanted to find a way to support the organization and the people they help every day. The Coweta Pregnancy Center was grateful for the donation, and our team was grateful to be able to find a small way to still serve our Coweta County community.

Thank you, Newnan Team, for your servant’s heart and honoring your community every chance you get!


Newnan Team Works Together to Support Angels House

Newnan Team Works Together to Support Angels House

Northwest’s Newnan team has continued to look for ways to support our community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Though our ways of serving others look different during these times, the Newnan Family has found creative ways to help community organizations they work closely with throughout the year.

In August, the Newnan team put together a small package for each girl in the Angel House. The gift included a personal journal, letter from the team, coloring pages of their favorite animal or sports team, poems with writing prompts, and one dinner conversation starter! Along with each personal gift, the team gifted the Freedom Writers movie and a gift card to get ice cream party supplies to enjoy while watching the movie!

This creative idea was put together by the team to support and honor the young women of Angels House. Angels House provides a safe, nurturing home for teen girls in crisis. Though the team was not able to hand deliver the gift, they were able to leave it on the doorstep to respect the COVID-19 boundaries.

The team has enjoyed creating a relationship with the Angel House and are always looking for new things they can do with the organization. The girls were so grateful for the small gift and to everyone who takes time to be part of their lives! The Newnan team plans to continue to volunteer and donate to the Angel House. We are thankful for our Newnan’s team desire to help those around them!

For more information on the Angel House and how you can help to support their mission, please visit their website.

Northwest Teams Comes Together to Assist Local Community Partners

Northwest Teams Comes Together to Assist Local Community Partners

Finding positive ways to make an impact and support our communities can come in unexpected ways at times. Every teammate at Northwest Exterminating is a member of the Good Deed Team and approaches each day with a servant’s heart. Sometimes, one service center or department’s efforts further helps another initiative the GDT is already assisting with, leading to an even better opportunity make a difference.

The Northwest IT Director, Matt, shared two gift cards with the GDT Leaders, Kristen and Greg, that the IT department received for recent system upgrades. Though they could have used the gift cards for other equipment, Matt and his team knew the gift cards could be better used to help through the Good Deed Team. Kristen and Greg utilized these gift cards to purchase diapers for a local school partner, purchasing over 600 diapers to donate. The diapers did not only go to the school families but to all families around that community who needed them!

Behind the scenes, the IT team has also been donating gently used IPADs to the Good Deed Team to be gifted to local school partners who mention the need. With school assignments being completed online, some families were having to utilize phones without a computer in the home. Once the donated devices were wiped clean, kids were able to complete their needed work on their very own device.

“One thing that I love about Northwest Exterminating is that everyone is part of the Good Deed Team. It’s not just a few people,” said Kristen, Co-Director of the Good Deed Team. “It’s a true testament to our Good Deed Mission of serving the community so that everyone will see the heart of Northwest.”

The Good Deed Team has continued to pour time and donations into our school partnerships as they knew the recent impact of COVID-19 resulted in a lot of changes not just for the students and families but also for the administration and teachers. They plan to continue to help the local community schools in any way they can while maintaining CDC guidelines.

We are very grateful for a team that works together to create positive impacts in our communities. Thank you to the Northwest IT Department and Good Deed Team for putting people first.

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