Northwest Teammates Deliver All Treats, No Tricks This October

Northwest Teammates Deliver All Treats, No Tricks This October

Beginning in mid-September, Northwest teammates from every service center collected candy for the Good Deed Halloween Candy Drive!

This year’s goal behind the candy drive was to collect enough candy to distribute to local Title I schools in our team’s respective communities. The Good Deed Team is always looking for opportunities to strengthen their relationship and be involved with schools in the community.

Though the Northwest team collects candy every year, this year’s Candy Drive became a much bigger initiative than expected. In addition to donating candy, some of our teams participated in Trunk or Treats at local schools. Some teammates even took on hosting their own local trunk or treat!

Despite the weather being less than desirable, our teammates continued to move forward to create memorable experiences for the children in the communities that we serve. We are inspired by our teammates’ creativity and make a difference attitude that they bring to every initiative and how much fun they had bringing everything together. We’re excited about what ideas will come up next year!

Sweet Treats with Savannah’s Local Children’s Hospital

Sweet Treats with Savannah’s Local Children’s Hospital

The teammates of the Savannah office have built a relationship with the children, families, and staff of the Dwayne and Cynthia Willetts Children’s Hospital in Savannah, GA. Whether it is holiday decorations or summer game days, the Savannah team enjoys spending time and bringing smiles to the patients and families whenever possible.

This year, the Savannah team stopped by the hospital on October 31st to help brighten the day with fun, costumes, and candy! Though the children may not be able to go trick or treating, the team thought, “Why not bring trick or treating to them?” The Savannah team, along with Rodney and Nicole Rawls, joined others at the Hospital with a wagon of candy and big smiles to visit with the families and children.

“We wanted to bring the trick or treating to them,” said Missy M., Northwest Builder Relations Specialist. “Seeing the children smile with grins as big as Texas is the best! I am so glad we get to volunteer with the hospital.”

The Savannah team will begin collecting holiday decorations to decorate the children’s rooms this December over the next month, and they are always looking for other ways to get involved in other ways. The Northwest team is inspired by our Savannah teammates’ leadership, make a difference attitudes, and how much they care for others.

For more information on volunteering with the Children’s Hospital in Savannah, please visit their website here.

And the Best Costume Goes to…

And the Best Costume Goes to…

This October, our Northwest teammates outdid themselves with the costumes selected! From Mario Kart to Mean Girls and M&M’s to Crayola Crayons, the costumes were creative, fun, and innovative. Here are just a few of our favorites:


Our Buford office brought everyone’s favorite game to life as the characters of Mario Kart! Who do you think wins the race out of this bunch?

Northwest Exterminating Buford


Our Lawrenceville office took “What’s your favorite color?” to the next level as Crayola Crayons! You can even spot our Service Center Manager getting in on the fun!

Northwest Exterminating Lawrenceville


A classic candy favorite, the Chattanooga office dressed up as M&M’s this year. They even had a surprise visit from a unicorn!

Jody Millard Pest Control Chattanooga


M-O-U-S-E! Our Tucker office had a game of Scrabble going with them as the pieces.

Northwest Exterminating Tucker

These are only a few of the creative ideas that came to life this year! Other costumes included Pokémon characters, classic witches, the 3 blind mice, and even some emojis.

What was great to see was the number of teammate group costumes that were put together.  We know we’re lucky to have teammates who enjoy not only working together but also celebrating together! We can’t wait to see what type of ideas spring up next year!

2 Teammates Recently Awarded the “Customer for Life” Award

2 Teammates Recently Awarded the “Customer for Life” Award

Northwest truly has some extraordinary teammates! Often times, we do not feel like we are recognizing them enough for all they do for their customers, their teammates, and Northwest. Each month, a teammate is chosen as the “Customer for Life” recipient by the reviews they receive, the feedback their managers and teammates have, and the extraordinary care they have given to their customers. Here are two teammates who have recently been awarded the “Customer for Life” Award and are extraordinary examples of living The Northwest Way!

Devon C. – Devon is a Service Professional from our Buford Service Center. When we asked how his teammates would describe him, they said, “Devon’s a self-starter, he is 100% about his customers, and he is dedicated!” Devon’s a well-known teammate by most at Northwest because he fills up a room with energy and truly puts his Customers First every day. He’s known for having customers who call him directly and have customers who treat him like family; we have even heard he has been invited to a wedding! Devon is one of a kind, and we are so glad to have him be a part of the Northwest Family and show us what it means to put Customers First.

Jessie C. – Jessie is a Service Professional from our Lanier Service Center. He is the kind of guy known for never cutting corners and getting the job done right! When we asked his teammates to describe him, they said, “Jessie is friendly, engaging, and always thorough! We’ve heard several customers praise Jesse because of his customer service and how much he cares.” Jessie cares for each of his customers and genuinely listens to any concerns so that he can better help the home and the family. Jessie is a teammate that everyone enjoys working with. The Northwest Family is grateful to have a teammate who shows us what it means to Do What Is Right daily.

Without the people who make up the Northwest Family, Northwest wouldn’t be Northwest. We are so thankful to have the teammates we do, that continue to move us forward and put our customers first!

If you have an extraordinary teammate story you would like to share with Northwest, please reach out to us.

Northwest’s Steve Phillips Invited on Simon Says Let’s Talk Business

Northwest’s Steve Phillips Invited on Simon Says Let’s Talk Business

The second generation of Northwest’s Phillips family leadership, Steve Phillips, was invited to speak with Al Simon about who and what Northwest Exterminating is all about as a company and team. Steve took the time to talk about Northwest’s history, our green service offerings, the Northwest Good Deed Team, and more during the segment.

Al Simon and Steve Phillips have been friends for many years, and Al is a trusted sales and leadership source, especially in the Metro-Atlanta area. Simon’s show, Simon Says Let’s Talk Business, is hosted on Gwinnett Business Radio X. On the show, Steve also answered questions about how Northwest serves our customers and competing with yourself to be the company that your customers deserve. “We’re always thinking green, always trying to change and innovate, and we try to do what is best for our customer,” said Steve Phillips, Northwest Exterminating Brand Ambassador. “We started focusing on green pest control about 18 years ago; we were the first to come out… we use the products that mother nature gives us.”

The Northwest team is grateful to have an Ambassador like Steve who truly believes and lives by the Northwest Way and sets the example to be a team that doesn’t cut short on what we need to do for our customers. Hear more of the interview with Steve Phillips here, and learn more about Northwest Exterminating and our services here.

Georgia Pest Control Association Names Northwest’s Garry Adams as New President

Georgia Pest Control Association Names Northwest’s Garry Adams as New President

Garry Adams, Director of Realtor Relations at Northwest Exterminating, was named the new president of the Georgia Pest Control Association (GPCA). He previously served as the GPCA’s Vice President where he worked with GPCA Regional Directors to promote activities and engagement among members. As the Vice President, Garry also volunteered on committees and offered his assistance wherever he was needed.

At Northwest, Garry is the Director of Realtor Relations where he oversees a capable team that reaches out and forms partnerships with real estate agents across existing and new markets in Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Garry is an essential teammate for numerous strategic teams and committees at Northwest; he is always committed to progressing Northwest further.

Away from work, Garry’s passions are his wife, Nancy, children, and grandchildren. He enjoys restoring and driving antique muscle cars in his spare time.

Northwest is proud to support Garry, and we congratulate Garry as the new GPCA President.

For more information about the GPCA, visit

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