Springtails are found in all moisture-holding soil outside of the Arctic regions.


  • Small, soil dwelling insects that are present in all turf and mulched areas
  • Help decompose organic matter and return nutrients to the soil


  • Normally beneficial insects that perform a valuable function in the environment
  • Can multiply into the millions and invade homes under damp or moist conditions
  • Populations can be so great that the exterior perimeter and the interior baseboards look like they are coated with a gray dust


  • Eliminate conditions that lead to moisture problems
  • Direct moisture away from the foundation by controlling air conditioning condensation lines, mulch, down spouts, and runoff
  • Pest control services can only do so much when insect populations reach into the millions
  • Chemical controls will kill a (oftentimes significant) percentage of the insect population, but it is usually undesirable to kill every insect in the area
  • Because populations can reach into the millions, some insects will still be present after the treatment
  • Some insects may still enter the home, but die almost immediately, depending upon the type of application

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