Customers first. Be humble. Do what is right. Be extraordinary. Move forward. These Northwest Ways are at the core of everything we do here at Northwest. Every year, there are teammates that go beyond extraordinary in every way, and we enjoy celebrating them and their success. These teammates rose to the occasion throughout the year, whether internally within their department or externally with their Northwest customers. And this is why their teams have selected them as the Northwest Teammate of the Year! Congratulations to all the winners, and we appreciate all the extraordinary experiences you have created!



Our Mouse Managers and Teammates selected a teammate from their team that they felt was truly extraordinary in 2020. Our goal as a Northwest team is to live and work by the Northwest Way and our 24 Service Standards – to provide each customer with the Customer for Life experience! Below you will find just a small snippet about the people chosen as that Service Centers Teammate of the Year from their Managers and colleagues.

Congratulations to the 2020 Teammates of the Year!

David Maxwell

David Maxwell


David has embodied Service Standard #20, Initiative, since his start with the Northwest team. Since his start in 2018, David has grown with the Northwest Family, starting initially as a Termite Service Professional, being promoted to Universal Pest Professional soon after, and now serving as an Inspection Specialist for our Acworth team.

David’s accomplishments were led by his initiative to grow, develop, and improve both personally and professionally. He is a leader within the Acworth team, always laughing and bringing a great attitude to his work and teammates this year.

“With all the hurdles Northwest faced this year, David thrived and exceeded his goals.” – Jody Allred, Service Center Manager

Joseph Stinnett

Joseph Stinnett


Joseph joined the Northwest Family 6 years ago as a Termite Service Professional in the East Cobb office where he was soon promoted to Universal Pest Professional. He then joined the Alpharetta team where he continues his role of Universal Pest Service Professional.

To many of his teammates, Joseph embodies being a leader to them without having a specific title. He always handles his work, routinely checking on problem accounts, trucks, equipment, and orders. He truly represents our #7 Service Standard, Golden Opportunities, by taking charge and making any issue or customer complaint into an opportunity to challenge himself, all while making a Customer for Life.

“A quote I like that represents Joseph is by Moliere, ‘It is not only what we do, but also what we do not do, for which we are accountable.’ Joseph has continued to be the all-around point person for myself and others. I’m thankful to have him on the Alpharetta team.” – Chris Paddock, Service Center Manager

Chad Murphy

Chad Murphy


Chad started with the Northwest team as a Universal Service Professional.

He lives and works by the Northwest Way, being a leader to his teammates and jumping in to learn and help where it is needed. Chad embodies Service Standard #13, Attitude, by always spreading positivity around the office and with his customers. When not at work, you can find Chad enjoying time with his wife and son.

“Chad lives his life with integrity and has an uplifting attitude.” – Ryan Adams, Service Center Manager

Steven Beaumont

Steven Beaumont


Steven has been with the Northwest team for three years and has been an upstanding teammate since day one. He is eager to lead, help his team, grow in his knowledge of our industry, and take the initiative to continue progressing. Steven is humble, always embodying Service Standard # 11, Servant’s Heart. He looks for ways to assist his team and customers, going above and beyond to provide the most extraordinary experience for his customers. Steven is family orientated through and through, being a dad to his twin daughters!

“Beaumont is selfless, reliable, and dependable. He is simply everything you want in a Northwest teammate. I wish I had ten Steven’s.” – Jon Ballard, Service Center Manager

Jessica Lutz

Jessica Lutz


Jessica joined the Northwest Family over 2 years ago as an Office Professional. Over the past two years, Jessica has showcased to her Canton family that she is ready to assist in anyway.

Her leadership and strength really shined throughout the year when taking on new roles in the office. With any new challenge, Jessica always embraced the change and led her team with a servant’s heart, remaining humble each day. Whether it is assisting a customer or helping her team elevate to the next level, the Canton family can always count on Jessica to show up and help in any way! If you ever need something to build, go to Jessica; her team says she can fix and build almost anything!

“Jessica has a knack for building relationships with her teammates. She creates an engaging atmosphere from any Northwest teammate she interacts with!” – Kyle Kilgore, Service Center Manager

Ashley Green

Ashley Green


Ashley joined the Carrollton team in April 2018 as an Administrative Professional and is a dependable asset to the team.

She has a desire to learn and grow in her career here at Northwest and is always eager to take on new responsibilities and challenges. Her communication with our customers displays true care for their concerns and provides a solution to better benefit the situation, creating Customers for Life. Ashley embodies Service Standard #7, Golden Opportunities. She handles all customer care with professionalism and empathy, using these opportunities to show her customers the Northwest difference.

“She’s positive, dependable, and always willing to go the extra mile. She is always offering to help the other office professionals with anything they need and offers to help me in any way she can. In addition, Ashley has taken on the additional responsibility of overseeing and coordinating Birmingham service and sales activities and customer retention efforts. Through her efforts, Birmingham’s customer retention continues to improve.” – Todd Pepple, Service Center Manager

Allen Hinkle

Allen Hinkle


Allen joined the Northwest team in 2014. Working from three of our service centers, Columbus, Newnan, and LaGrange, he has been willing to whenever and wherever help is needed, lending a hand with termite and pest services.

Allen embodies Service Standard #15, Excel at the Basics. His personality is infectious; he keeps a positive ‘can do’ attitude that others are drawn to, and he takes great pride in his work. He has trained many of our teammates over the years, and it is evident he truly pours his experience and knowledge into them.

“Allen has grown into a great leader for the Columbus branch, and he is a great teammate to all. He is always willing to help out wherever he can, and he always has a positive attitude.” – Joshua Arnold, Service Center Manager

Nancy Cassidy

Nancy Cassidy

Commercial Pest East Cobb

Nancy has been with Northwest for an extraordinary 18 years! She has been with Commercial Pest for the last 12 years as an Office Manager, with noted success in the opening of several service centers.

Everyday Nancy comes into work with a positive outlook and an open mind, always representing #13 Service Standard, Attitude. She is always willing to help when needed, whether it is helping a teammate or customer, she always shows up. You are always in a good mood after talking with Nancy as her positive and happy attitude is contagious to her fellow teammates and even customers! If you do happen to visit the Commercial Pest office, do not be surprised if you hear Nancy singing along to a song you have not heard of!

“Nancy, thank you for your hard work and dedication that you bring to work every day! You truly help Commercial Pest run so smoothly; I look forward to many more years of success!” – Bryan Teague, Service Center Manager

Todd Harrison

Todd Harrison

Commercial Pest Tucker

With a few years’ experience of pest control, Todd joined Northwest in 2015 as a Route Support Service Professional. In 2016, he transferred over to Commercial Pest, where he is now in charge of his own route!

This past year, Todd has shown to his fellow teammates in Tucker that he is always willing to help. He showcases his #11, Servant’s Heart, Service Standard when making sure the ones around him are taken care of before himself. Todd quickly steps up when there is an unexpected task or problem that needs to be fixed! If you ever see Todd, try not to get him confused with his doppelganger, radio personality Chris Dimino!

“Todd is an asset to the Commercial Tucker team. He comes to work with a positive attitude and willingness to work hard!” – Scott Brigman, Service Center Manager

Jenna Ratteree

Jenna Ratteree

Marietta-Corporate Office

Jenna started at Northwest in 2018 in the Commercial Pest department. She later joined the Accounting team in 2019 where she continues to shine within the department.
To her team, Jenna is seen as focused, hardworking, and always willing to take on new responsibilities.

Other than being on top of her daily work in the office, Jenna also serves as Ambassador to our Good Deed Team, where she goes above and beyond to give back to her community! Her enthusiasm for others has been contagious and has increased Good Deed participation within the organization!

When she is not in the office, you can catch Jenna studying for her next test as she is a full-time student at Kennesaw State University! She even earned a 4.0 GPA last semester!

“Jenna is such a pleasure to work with! She brings a sense of energy and enthusiasm to the department. I am very proud that she is honored as Corporate’s Teammate of the Year, as she is so very deserving.” Barbara Pepple, Vice President of Accounting

Eric Ramirez

Eric Ramirez

Customer Care

Eric has been with Northwest since 2004 and has had a long and extraordinary career with us! First starting off as a Sentricon Service Professional in Smyrna, he then moved on to become an Administrative Associate in 2009. In December 2010, Eric was promoted to Universal Coordinator until September 2014 when he transferred to Customer Care as a Customer Care Specialist.

Always coming into work with a smile and positive attitude, Eric likes to make Northwest a fun place to work, while always getting the job done! One thing you can always count on with Eric is that he will put the customer and his team first, going the extra mile to help when needed.

Eric is known for being a one-of-a-kind person, leaving a lasting impression on you and always making sure he can help in anyway. Eric is a great representation of our #11 Service Standard, Servant’s Heart.

“Eric is a model teammate at Northwest. Eric is always the first to help out a customer or teammate in their time of need and does a lot of things that can sometimes go unnoticed.” – April Norman, Customer Care Manager

Kathryn Smith

Kathryn Smith


Kathryn started with the Northwest Family in 2016 at East Cobb and has been an extraordinary teammate in every location and role she has been in. She is currently the Dallas Office Manager and has had a huge impact there since day one.

Kathryn comes in every morning with an infectious positivity that is reflected on the rest of the team. She lives and works with a servant’s heart, truly caring for every one of the teammates and customers she helps. Her dedication to our internal and external customers is just one example of how she embodies our 5 Northwest Ways.

“Kathryn is the most dedicated teammate that I have ever worked with at Northwest in my 11 years. She is the type of teammate that never neglects her duties and/or responsibilities. She shows professionalism in all aspects of her job. She works hard each day and keeps everything running smoothly in and out of the office. There is no better candidate for Teammate of the Year. Kathryn is the true definition of a Teammate.” – John Davis, Service Center Manager

Racheal Hemby

Racheal Hemby

East Cobb

Racheal came to Northwest with little experience in this field, but she quickly became a leader without a title, progressing rapidly in her knowledge of treatment protocols and pest identification. Now, six years later, she is winning every day and positioning herself to be where she wants to be in the future.

Racheal is Service Standard #15, Excel at the Basics. She displays leadership, passion, and continually puts the customer first.

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. Rachael has come to our East Cobb team and has shown leadership and humility in all that she has done while leading Servant’s Heart. She has a passion for what she does and that is undeniable, and she strives to be the best in her position. Rachael is currently helping with Supervisor duties when called upon and excels at the basics in her day to day.” – Billy Casey, Service Center Manager

Colin Turner

Colin Turner


Colin currently has 10 years of Northwest Service this year! Starting off in Termite services, Colin eventually moved on to Pest Services, then over to Sales, and was later promoted to his current role as a Sales Trainer.

Colin, well-liked by his peers, is someone who makes a point to embody each of the five Northwest Way core values every day. If a problem comes up, he is the first to try to make it right and always considers how to make each day better for his customers and team. While he always goes the extra mile for his customers and team, he is never the one to brag about his accomplishments, always showing his humbleness in any success story. If you ever want to start a conversation with Colin, ask him about Fox Squirrels!

“Colin is an outstanding team member; he is a big part of our success as a service center and has exceeded in his roles at Northwest!” – Barry Teubert, Service Center Manager

Allison Klein

Allison Klein

Innovation Center

Allison started with Northwest 12 years ago as an Administrative team member in our Newnan service center and quickly became a top performer. With a few promotions along the way, she currently serves as the Administrative Learning and Development Specialist at the Innovation Center.

She seeks out new growth opportunities and new responsibilities to further her learning, teaching, and presenting skills. Allison completed the GPCA Train the Trainer course this year and with this accomplishment, she is now delivering many of our onboarding workshops. Thank you for seeking out new challenges and opportunities this year, Allison!

“Allison is a Rockstar teammate with a Servant’s Heart! She is Northwest through and through. She embraces each Northwest Way and understands their importance in our company culture and her life. Her willingness to learn, grow, and try new things is one of her strongest attributes. She loves to share her knowledge and is humble enough to seek guidance from others.” Adam Vannest, Vice President of Learning and Technical Services

Chad Pannell

Chad Pannell


In 2013, Chad joined the Northwest Family with already a decade’s worth of pest experience. Since then, he served as a Universal Technician in LaGrange and continues to be a major leader in the eyes of his fellow teammates.

Chad displays the #13 Northwest Service Standard, WOW with Pride and Professionalism, each day with his actions in front of his customers. He quickly earns customers’ respect and trust to create Customers for Life! Chad embraces helping others, immediately going out of his way to help anyone in need, even those he does not know. He always has others on his mind before himself, showing his Servant’s Heart each day.

“Honest, trustworthy, and dependable, Chad’s teammates and customers love him. Team LaGrange would not be where we are if it were not for Chad!” – Richard Hancock, Service Center Manager

Cynthia Venditti

Cynthia Venditti


Cynthia started as an Office Professional in Lanier a little over one year ago.

With 2020 bringing many obstacles and unexpected events, one person that the rest of the Lanier teammates could count on was Cynthia. She has proven that she is a team player with a Servant’s Heart, always taking the time to help and train any new office professionals joining the Northwest team. Cynthia focuses on helping each teammate when needed and always has time to take the initiative when any challenge comes her way! Not only does Cynthia make a difference in the office each day, but she is also incredibly talented. Cynthia speaks four languages: English, Spanish, French, and Russian!

“Cynthia is always happy, cheerful, and willing to help others. She has proven to not only be a team player but someone who easily is the glue to hold the office together!” – Bart Sloan, Service Center Manager

Stephen Miller

Stephen Miller


Stephen began his career with Northwest as a Termite Service Professional 3 years ago. He moved into a Universal Service Professional role 6 months ago and has continued since!

Stephen is always extraordinary in anything he does. His “can do” mentality allows him to prevent any obstacle when performing an extraordinary service to customers. He truly represents #13 Service Standard, Attitude, each day at work. His positive mindset and attitude are almost contagious to his fellow teammates around him, making working with him enjoyable! Not only has Stephen had a journey with Northwest, but he is also taking on another exciting adventure with a baby on the way!

“Stephen has been a great addition to your team! He is very technical-oriented and is consistently trying to better himself!” – David Nelson, Service Center Manager

Michael Ansley

Michael Ansley

Lawn Care

Michael has been with Lawn Care since he started with Northwest 4 years ago.

Michael is a dog-lover, an avid outdoorsman, and a veteran. Being a veteran, Michael displays his Servant’s Heart each day to customers, teammates, and even strangers. He is always looking for ways to help with the local police departments in Columbus and will do whatever it takes to help those in need. Michael has proven repeatedly that he is dedicated to Northwest and his customers.

“Michael is a natural born leader and his consistent hard work will lead him to endless opportunities.” – Jarrod Willis, Service Center Manager

Britney Christopher

Britney Christopher


Britney has been with Northwest 7 years and has had an extraordinary journey at Northwest! She first started as an Administrative Assistant in Alpharetta, then moved over to Canton, next being the first official Office Manager in Tucker, and now is an Office Manager in Lawrenceville!

Britney is somebody you count on to get the job done. Even with the challenges of working from home, Brittney never hesitated to make sure her team was on track. She even conquered training a new administrator from home. Possibly rocking out to her favorite band, The Killers, you can find Britney ready to take on the day with her positive and levelheaded attitude! She is always ready to help her team and customers each day with respect and loyalty, representing our #13 Service Standard, Attitude!

“Britney is truly an asset to the Lawrenceville Branch. She is always loyal to her office staff and the customers we serve. She makes everyone else’s job easier day in and day out!” – Drew Chaney, Service Center Manager

Ramans Mcleod

Ramans Mcleod


Ramans, his teammates call him Ra, has been with Northwest for three years, previously with Barnes Exterminating for 15, as a Termite Service Professional.

We are so thankful for his commitment to the Northwest Family and the extraordinary work he does. Ra is always putting customers first and honoring his teammates. He is a great leader of the team, checking in with others and offering help where he can. When not at work, you can find him cheering on the Dallas Cowboys and hoping for a better season in 2021!

“Ra is a very unselfish teammate. His years of knowledge is very valuable to our Macon team, especially when we bring in new teammates.” – Huey Hood, Service Center Manager

Andrea Mullins

Andrea Mullins


Andrea has been with Northwest just under two years and has been a great addition to the Marietta team since day one.

She is eager to learn and jumps right into helping anyone around her in both her professional and personal life. Service Standard #18, Make It Better, is how Andrea positions herself for growth and new opportunities. She is constantly looking for ways to do better and be a leader for her teammates. Before coming to Northwest, Andrea worked with different charity organizations to help in and around her community. We are thankful for your servant hearted leadership, Andrea!

“Andrea always goes above and beyond to help everyone around her and has a very strong will to learn, grow, and help others grow. She shows great compassion to all those around her and has been an awesome addition to our team!” – Shawna Heikes, Office Manager

The Monroe Team

The Monroe Team


We can agree, this past year was filled with unexpected events. However, one thing that stayed consistent, helpful, and always showed up was the entire Monroe Team!

The Monroe team had many successes this past year in sales, production, and favorite of all, performing Good Deeds in the local community. They “WOWED” with their Pride and Professionalism by always sharing with customers a positive attitude, top-notch appearance, and respect through a choice of words and actions. From the Administrative team to the Universal, Termite, and Sales teams, they each showed their hard-work and dedication to Northwest throughout 2020. Truly extraordinary, we are so grateful for the Monroe Team!

“Thank you to the entire team of Monroe for an extraordinary effort and year! Not by one, but by all!” – Andrew Carlyle, Service Center Manager

Mike Wells

Mike Wells


Mike joined the Northwest Family at the beginning of 2016 as a Termite Service Professional. He quickly worked his way up to a Universal Service Professional and has been in the role for the past 2 years.

Mike is a person who looks towards the Northwest Way every day. He is often a leader to many new teammates joining the Nashville service center and always takes the time to help them. His willingness to learn and dedication to his job are some of the big reasons he was able to make the Travelers Club this year! Mike, showing a true Servant’s Heart, is humble about his successes all while figuring out ways to ensure his team and customers are taken care of before himself. If you ever have a snake problem, call Mike; he has relocated over 60 snakes this past year!

“Mike always goes above and beyond for both his teammates and his external customers. He has continually created extraordinary experiences for his customers throughout the Middle Tennessee area, all while being a team player!” – Blake Southerland, Service Center Manager

Kayla Purcell

Kayla Purcell


Starting her career in Marietta as a Service Representative, Kayla has been with Northwest for 1.5 years! Looking to work closer to home, she seized the opportunity when a position at Newnan opened and is currently a Customer Service Representative here!

You can always count on Kayla to show up each day with a smile! She is ready to go above and beyond with each customer request or question, helping in any way that she can. Along with customers, she makes sure her fellow teammates are taken care of, often scheduling services as quickly as possible for her teammates. Often referred to as a “country girl”, her love for four-wheeling in the mud with family keeps her off-work time full of adrenaline!

“Kayla is outstanding in every way. She is the embodiment of the Northwest Way!” – Leslie Miller, Office Manager

Casey Tanner

Casey Tanner


Casey started with Northwest 3 years ago and has been moving forward in her career from the beginning. She has embraced change through her transition from Office Professional to Engage Specialist and now to her current position as the Ooltewah Office Manager.

She has shown extraordinary leadership in the office through the opening of the new branch in Ooltewah, showcasing her positivity throughout. Casey leads with every action being extraordinary. She organizes and develops smooth processes, and trains and leads our new teammates.

“Casey truly embodies the Northwest Way. She’s a natural leader who faces challenges head on and leads by example.” – Tim Rodgers, Service Center Supervisor

Alex Newton

Alex Newton

Peachtree Corners

Alex started with Northwest 2.5 years ago as a Universal Service Professional. A little over a year later, he was promoted to his current position as a Sales Plus Professional.

Many say he embodies Service Standard #20, Initiative, as he always shows an initiative to grow, develop, and improve. Alex has a genuine heart for his teammates and customers with a drive for success that has inspired others to grow with him. He has always been a positive influence at Peachtree Corners!

“Alex, throughout this year of persistent change you have remained steadfast in making a difference in people’s lives. Your drive for self-growth, your creativity, your openness, and your heart for others truly makes you a unique individual and a pleasure to work with. Thank you for being you!” – Deborah Givens, Service Center Manager

Josh Williamson

Josh Williamson


Two years ago, Josh joined the Northwest team as a Termite Service Professional. From there, he quickly moved onto the Universal Route role and exceeded all expectations! In the beginning of 2020, he officially began his career in Sales.

Josh is always looking for ways to highlight the Northwest Way. Though 2020 did not turn out to be what he thought, Josh still managed to bring extreme success to Savannah. Throughout the year, Josh ensured his external customers were at the top of his mind and always made sure teammates were taken care of. Through upholding Northwest culture and stepping up as a leader in the office, he truly represents our #9 Service Standard, Brand Leaders!

“Josh is an asset to our service center! He leads by example while holding others accountable, while always being there for his teammates when called upon.” – William Bledsoe, Service Center Manager

The Smyrna Team

The Smyrna Team


As each day in 2020 brought new challenges to tackle, Smyrna has been extraordinary at facing them head on, together as a team.

The Smyrna Team has continued to have a “Customer First” attitude! This team embraced the changes thrown out this year with a servant’s heart. As a challenge was presented, the team worked together to support one another and allow each other to move forward. Great job to every team member for living the Northwest Way!

“We had challenges thrown our way both professionally and personally over this past year and everyone has done an amazing job. They were able to rely on each other for support and compassion, putting each other and their customers first. We have so many talented team members, and they all bring something special to the team to create the culture that we have today.” – Zack Horne, Service Center Manager

Kimber Johnson

Kimber Johnson


Kimber has been a key role in executing the systems and processes introduced at Stockbridge since her start with Northwest 3.5 years ago.

Kimber has shown to have a systematic approach when taking on any new tasks. She utilizes her internal and external customer service leadership skills to have a positive influence on the team. She’s an extraordinary example of Service Standard #12, Value People. She treats every customer with respect, building trust with the customers to create Customers for Life.

“Kimber is the most kind, hardworking, determined, consistent, and joyful teammate on the Stockbridge team. She is a pleasure to be around, takes her job seriously, and continues to want to learn more.” – Jeremy Mauthe, Service Center Manager & Region 5 Manager

William Gehrig

William Gehrig


Starting as a helper at Northwest, William became a Termite Service Professional soon after. Now, he is excelling in the role of a Universal Service Professional.

William works and lives by the Northwest Way and our Service Standards. He embraces every day, seeking out golden opportunities while always understanding the importance of customer service. Serving in the military, William is also a proud veteran! We are so grateful for your service, William!

“William is the example every service center would like to have in a teammate.” – Tyrel Walker, Service Center Manager

Martin Gonzalez

Martin Gonzalez

Wildlife East

14 years ago, Martin started with Northwest as a trusted and reliable Service Professional. No job is too big or small, from wildlife to stucco cuts and termite jobs, he can do it all. He likes working 8 days a week; yes, if there was an 8th day, he would be there.

Martin is every bit of #2 Service Standard, Honor Our Customers. He truly listens to people when they talk and explains what is going on to help ease their mind. He puts the customer first by spending time to solve their problems no matter what the challenge put before him. He is a big help to anyone who needs it, and he always spends his time helping others.

“He is dependable and on time. He’s a real good guy that just wants to do what is right and help his team out.” – Don Saladrigas

John McCormick

John McCormick

Wildlife North

John started at Northwest in October 2016 and is continuing his role as a Wildlife Service Professional.

John is an excellent communicator. If a problem occurs, he always conveys it to both the customers and teammates of Wildlife North. But John does not stop there, often taking charge and getting the issue fixed promptly. John is always willing to assist teammates with anything they need to complete their day.

“John is always willing to help out and make sure everything gets done throughout the day. His communication with teammates and office staff makes the days run smooth which helps keep customers happy!” – Rob Bounds, Service Center Manager

Ashley Wright

Ashley Wright

Wildlife Smyrna

Ashley started with the Wildlife Team as an Administrative Assistant in 2017 where she quickly learned the Northwest Way. Two years later, she went through Northwest’s Leadership Program and now leads our Wildlife Office as the Office Manager!

With Ashley’s leadership, she continues to do an extraordinary job. She keeps the office and team moving forward, always in a positive direction. Many can say that Ashley perfectly embodies Service Standard #13, Attitude. You can expect Ashley to come in every morning with positivity and a smile to keep the office in good spirits!

“I have only worked with Ashley for a few months as I became the branch manager just a few weeks before interviewing Ashley for the Office Manager position. Upon meeting Ashley in her interview, I knew right away that we were going to make a great team in leading the Wildlife Smyrna team.” – Colin Jiles, Service Center Manager

Lucas Carter

Lucas Carter

Sawyer Exterminating

In 2012, Lucas joined the Sawyer Exterminating team as an entry-level Service Professional. In 2019, he became the Team Leader in Crawlspace – Moisture Control Program.

Lucas has taken each day with Sawyer to grow and develop his skills. He’s adopted and grown many of his skills and tools the past year and is always taking the opportunity to grow his teammates’ skillsets and to make sure they are taken care of.

Lucas continues to create Customers for Life by always listening to any problem they might have, then quickly after making sure it gets fixed. He is a prime example of our #2 Service Standard, Honor our Customers. Fun fact, if you ever take something from Lucas’s truck, he will know, as he is extremely detailed and organized, always knowing if anything is out of place.

“Lucas is a big part of Sawyer and he works hard to make sure all teammates have what they need to succeed!” – Tracy Pitts, Office Manager


With all we do, begin and end with the customer in mind.


In every situation, we can choose to do the right thing.


Put others first in everything we do.


Always go beyond what is usual or ordinary. Make a difference.


Continue to grow and pursue excellence in all we do. We see the value of progressive thinking, developing and innovating, and embracing change.


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