Bug Costumes for your Pets

It’s not fair that humans get to have all of the Halloween fun.  Don’t forget to dress up your family pets this Halloween for a little Trick-or-Treating!  Here are some bug related costumes for our furry friends!  

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What to do if you get a spider bite

Spiders have a bad reputation!  Maybe it’s the eight legs, the webs they weave, or even the way they capture and eat their prey.  What people don’t usually realize is that humans are rarely the intended prey of spiders. In […]

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October Pest of the Month – Spiders

October’s Pest of the Month – Spiders Don’t Let Spiders Hang Around Your House Is it the rain or do spiders instinctively know that it’s Halloween because they are everywhere! BRIEF DESCRIPTION House spiders are the most common spiders found […]

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Bernadette McClelland, It Was Our Pleasure!

We recently had the wonderful opportunity to have Bernadette McClelland, CEO of Bernadette McClelland Consulting, speak to our sales team.  It was an honor to have someone with her accomplishments speak with our team. In a recent blog post , […]

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Bugs Heading Indoors Due to Rain

The recent rain has kept more than just human beings inside…it’s caused lots of pests to head indoors as well.  You may have seen an increase of bugs in and around your home or office where they are entering to […]

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The latest app in pest control is SEEDN or Southeast Early Detection Network.  SEEDN allows you to report infestations by collecting data and submitting pictures right from your mobile device.  The report is then emailed over to local and state […]

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Signs of Termites

Termites are some of the hardest working pests in the business.  24/7 they are in search of food which is oftentimes the wood from our homes.  Termites are responsible for an estimated amount of over 2 billion dollars worth of […]

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Mosquitoes Still An Issue in the Fall

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean that mosquitoes are no longer a concern.  Mosquitoes can continue to be an issue throughout fall. Be sure that you are continuing to take the proper steps to protect yourself and your yard […]

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Fall Pest Prevention Tips

With cooler weather you may begin to see more pests coming into your home.  Pests and rodents are looking for a warm place with food and shelter and homes and businesses are prime real estate for them.  We often talk […]

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Cockroach Vs. The White House

There are many ‘issues’ that are addressed within the walls of the 213 year old White House.  Last week, a familiar battle began when a cockroach was spotted in the basement of the press offices.  Residents of the basement office […]

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