Our teams at Northwest share a common mission – putting customers first and serving our communities with a servant’s heart. Recently, our Columbus service center hosted a First Responder Cookout for the local Columbus Police Department. The team was able to provide burgers, hot dogs, chips, drinks, and fun conversations!

Good Deed Team Columbus

Our Northwest teams have actively been involved in hosting First Responder Cookouts across the Southeast since 2017, a cherished initiative we eagerly anticipate each year. We have the privilege of hosting more than 30 cookouts a year, allowing us to express our heartfelt thanks to each local community.

Good Deed Team Columbus

For our teammates involved in these cookouts, this opportunity is immensely meaningful. It is an honor to extend even a small portion of the appreciation we hold for these dedicated individuals who give so much to our communities. Our Columbus team can’t wait until next year’s cookout!

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