About Me – David Goo, M.D.

My family and I have lived in the Druid Hills area for over 25 years.  I am the medical director and lead urgent care physician at CorrectMed Pediatrics.  Not only am I a board certified pediatrician, but I’m also boarded in pediatric emergency and medicine.  I received my medical degree from the University of Missouri and completed my pediatric residency training at Emory University.  I was chief resident at Emory University prior to completing my fellowship in pediatric emergency medicine at Scottish Rite.  I’ve been a faculty member at Emory University for the past two decades, practicing in the pediatric emergency department and teaching residents and medical students.  I have a special interest in international medicine and have been involved in helping to set up pediatric emergency departments all over the world.  I have helped to strengthen international pediatric programs by teaching the pediatric advanced life support course to doctors and students in Honduras and Kosovo.  In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and staying active by participating in multiple triathlons each year.


CorrectMed Pediatrics

Waiting RoomAfter many years of delivering healthcare to the community, my family and I felt like a better model of healthcare was needed.  With that in mind, CorrectMed Pediatrics was founded.  With the combined primary care and urgent care model, we hope to fill a need in our in-town neighborhood.  Our new practice is a novel concept that we hope will be the future of excellent and affordable health care.

People want the personalized touch of a primary care physician. Wouldn’t it be great if that practice could offer high quality urgent care as well?  CorrectMed Pediatrics wants to return medical care to the way medicine used to be practiced at your primary care doctor’s office. Our primary care practice is a full service pediatric practice, complete with X-rays and labs.  Our urgent care facility is able to take care of all but the most emergent needs more quickly and with less expense to your family than an ER.

We want to be your full service primary care pediatrician. If you already have a primary care pediatrician, we would like to partner with your pediatrician to provide you with after-hours care and fill your urgent care needs.  We will also offer adolescent gynecology, a service that is not offered regularly at pediatric offices.

Our Staff:

Procedure RoomIn addition to myself and family, Jessica Doyle, MD is our board certified primary care pediatrician.  She grew up in the Druid Hills/Candler Park neighborhood.  She received her medical degree from Medical College of Georgia, where she was part of the AOA medical honor society.  She returned back to Atlanta for her pediatric residency training at Emory University.  She was involved in multiple international medical projects while in medical school and residency and loves to travel.  She also enjoys scuba diving, cooking, and reading.  Her special interests in pediatrics include newborn care and breastfeeding, sports medicine, and infectious diseases.  She currently lives in the Lake Claire neighborhood with her husband and two young children.

Susan Doyle, CNM has been a nurse-midwife for the last fifteen years.  She has a strong interest in working with the adolescent population.  She obtained her nursing degree at the University of Missouri and received her degree in nurse midwifery at Emory University.  She has practiced at many of the hospitals in the Atlanta area and is excited about this new opportunity with adolescent patients.  In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, sewing, baking, and caring for her two grandchildren.


Why I Choose Northwest for Pest Solutions

For the majority of the 25 years I’ve lived in Atlanta I have known Steve Phillips, the owner of Northwest Exterminating.  Twenty-two years ago I moved into a house that had been vacant for over a year.  While cleaning out the shed, I turned over a barrel that had been filled with bird seed.  Once I turned over the barrel, I was horrified to see dozens of rats and mice jump up and scurry throughout the floors and walls of the shed.  To make matters worse, the next morning something had eaten a hole in the trash bag in the kitchen. Then I saw more rodents in the basement, and noticed holes in the dirt walls of the basement where these creatures were living.  The house that I thought was vacant for over a year clearly had occupants…rodents!

I immediately called Northwest Exterminating at the recommendation of the realtor who had sold me the home.  The next day, a Northwest truck pulled up to my house and their team of professionals diagnosed a serious rodent infestation.  The problem was quickly solved.  Since then, my family and I have had Northwest’s Wildlife Control, NorPest Green Pest Control, Termite Control, Green Mosquito Control, and Fire Ant Control.  We’ve been so pleased with our services with Northwest Exterminating that we trust the mouse with our new practice.

In November 2011, my family (myself, my wife, and daughter) opened a pediatric facility in Decatur, GA.  CorrectMed Pediatrics strives to be a superb facility for the Atlanta in-town community.  As a pediatric practice, we have the highest concern for the health of our babies and patients, which is why we trust Northwest Exterminating for our pest control needs.  They eliminate pests while being concerned about harsh chemicals that traditional pest controls use that can impact the health of our families and pets.

At CorrectMed Pediatrics we say “Let our family take care of yours!”  Northwest Exterminating is part of our family.  They are a company that I trust for my family and my practice…and you can trust them too.

Trust the Mouse to protect your house.


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