The In2Care Mosquito Trap

An innovative part of our Mosquito Reduction program, the In2Care System is a hassle-free way to reduce mosquitoes from the start of their lifecycle


A Mosquito Reduction Solution

A part of our Mosquito Reduction Program, our In2Care System helps spread green treatment to other water sources, further reducing mosquitoes at the start of their lifecycle. Installed directly in your yard, with 24/7 green protection, the In2Care system targets larva and adult mosquitoes only, protecting the beneficial pests around your home. For more information, request a free quote. 

mosquito control in2care bucket



Reduces Mosquitoes at the Start of Life Cycle


Extensive Coverage Throughout Property


Targets both Larva & Adult Mosquitoes


Discreet placement for 24/7 coverage


Does not target beneficial pests or pollinators & pet-friendly

In2Care Mosquito Control
mosquito control

Our Partnership with In2Care

As an exclusive Southeast partner with In2Care, Northwest Exterminating is grateful to have the opportunity to donate In2Care Traps to Lar Maria de Lourdes, a non-profit organization in Brazil dedicated to housing and caring for bed-ridden children, adolescents, and adults.

The In2Care Traps will help protect those being cared for at Lar Maria de Lourdes from mosquitoes and the diseases they spread, such as Dengue, with the greatest number of cases found where the organization is housed in Brazil.

We are grateful for our partnership with vendors who truly aim to make a difference both here and abroad. As we strive to work towards our mission of creating healthier living and working environments, it’s an honor to be able to partner with In2Care to provide service towards a reduced mosquito population in South and North America.

How Can You Help?

With every In2Care purchase, you are not only protecting your family and home, but you are equally protecting those housed at Lar Maria de Lourdes.


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