Rodent Control

Much like other wildlife issues, the key to eliminating rat infestations is prevention. Because rats require different treatment methods than mice and other pests, our Wildlife Team specializes in the removal and prevention of rodents.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, rodents spread over 35 diseases worldwide. They can be transferred to humans through contamination by urine and feces, saliva, or bites. They can also spread diseases to fleas or ticks that can be passed on to you or your pets.  If you think you have a rodent problem in your home, call us today at (866) 616-0862.

Rodent Control Services


Rodent Inspection

The first step in rodent control is a thorough inspection of your home. Our Wildlife Team will identify any current infestations, points of entry, and customize a treatment plan to trap rodents and prevent future rats from invading your home.

Trapping Rodents

In order to control an existing rodent infestation, our Wildlife Team will use various methods to trap the rats. Trapping requires careful application so that the appropriate baits are used and they’re located in areas most likely travelled by the rodents.

Preventing Rodents

Once existing rodents are under control through baiting and trapping methods, our Wildlife Team will perform rodent exclusion to prevent future rats from getting back into your home. We’ll determine points of entry after the initial inspection, and seal any holes or cracks in and around your home. Common places rodents enter are through eaves on the roof, vents, electrical and plumbing holes, and around doors and windows. Since rats can fit through extremely small spaces, this step is crucial in successful rodent control.

Cleaning Rodent Contamination

Rodents should be cleaned up after carefully to avoid spreading disease. Eliminate any food sources that could be contaminated. Food storage is critical, including pet food. Leaving any type of food source available will encourage rodents nesting in your home. Droppings and urine should be cleaned immediately once found. If rats have been nesting in your attic, your insulation should be removed and replaced. Click here for more information on TAP Insulation services. Our Wildlife Team will make any recommendations necessary to control and prevent rodent infestations as each situation varies.

For more information, call us at 888-466-7849 or fill out the form on this page. You may be eligible for 10% off rodent control services. 

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