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Don’t neglect one of the most important elements in your yard: trees and shrubs! To truly enhance your beautiful new lawn, consider our tree and shrub program.

Our lawn care technicians will begin with an analysis of the trees and shrubs on your property. The specific types of trees and shrubs you have will be evaluated, their current conditions, any potential pest threats, and existing diseases. Then we will develop a customized program for your trees and shrubs that will nourish, strengthen, and defend against diseases and pests.

In order for your trees and shrubs to thrive, they need nourishment. While many of their nutrients are in the soil they’re planted in, deficiencies will result in the plants having shorter lifespans, diseases, and insect threats. In order for your trees and shrubs to fully develop, fertilizers are necessary. Our lawn care technicians will determine which trees and shrubs on your property need extra nutrients by evaluating their current condition and the soil around them. They will then determine the best plan for your plants to keep them growing and healthy throughout the year.

Many of the insects that are found on your trees and shrubs do not pose any threats. But the ones that do can deprive your trees and shrubs of their nutrients and energy, causing them to suffer and possibly even die. When trees and shrubs are healthy, they are less likely to attract damaging insects. That’s why regular, professional service is essential. If any of your trees or shrubs have existing pest control issues, our lawn care technicians will determine the specific problem and treat accordingly with the necessary insecticides. We will monitor and treat the insect issue until it’s resolved and your trees and shrubs are healthy again.

There are many diseases that can affect the health and development of your trees and shrubs. Our expert lawn care technicians are trained to evaluate your plants’ overall health, and determine if any diseases are present and in need of treatment.  Growing healthy trees and shrubs is essential in preventing diseases. Regular service is the first step in controlling current and future issues with common diseases.

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