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Soon, this summer’s brutal Georgia heat will begin to fade away to the cool breezes of fall.  Cooler temperatures make maintaining your lawn much more bearable.  It is also a great time to start a lawn care schedule that will ensure your lawn is the envy of all your neighbors throughout the year.  Any good service starts with a plan, or in this case, a lawn analysis.

Each lawn is different; therefore, it is important that each lawn has a unique action plan that is best suited for its specific needs and challenges.  Think of this step as lawn care advice or lawn tips straight from the experts.  Northwest offers this analysis for FREE!  When you receive your analysis, a trained professional will start by gaining a thorough understanding of your lawn.  This will include the health of your lawn, grass and soil type, turf density, disease, weed problems, and pet or insect damage.  Based on the information that we gather, we will develop a detailed, customized solution for YOUR lawn.

Remember that a healthy lawn is only as good as the soil underneath it.  By beginning your treatments early and maintaining your lawn throughout the year you can ensure that you will have a beautiful, lush and green lawn to be proud of.

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