States such as Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and South Carolina, are going into month number 3 of temperatures in the 90’s. Not only is the heat taking a toll on humans, it’s probably taking a toll on your lawn as well. With temperatures so high, there are less people mowing and more people using their sprinkler systems. Using a sprinkler system can be beneficial to your lawn, ensuring it does not dry out. When a lawn becomes dry it can develop patches of grass that can turn brown or thin.

Here are a few tips on how to keep your lawn green and healthy as we head into fall:

• Check your irrigation system to ensure that the sprinkler heads are covered properly
• A deep watering 2-3 times a week is best for most lawns. However, if you’re lawn is in full sun you may need to water 4-5 days per week
• Water in early morning hours to avoid evaporation
• Raise the blades on your mower – taller grass does a better job at retaining water
• Wait for a cooler day to mow the grass to minimize water loss
• Say no to fertilizer. Extreme temperatures and fertilizer are a bad combination. Wait until the cooler fall months to fertilize your lawn
• Have fun while watering your lawn. The whole family can enjoy cooling off by playing in the sprinklers while keeping your lawn healthy.
• For your own safety, mow in early morning or late evening when the temperatures are lower

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