This summer’s extremely warm temperatures may have left your lawn damaged.  But with a little work, it’s possible to repair the damage and be ready to go for the upcoming seasons.  As we mentioned before, fall is the best time to get your lawn back on track.lawn care

The first step is to assess your lawn.
Begin by walking your lawn to identify any bare or brown patches, damaged trees or shrubs, or pest infestations.  If the issues seem to be overwhelming, consider a lawn care company such as Northwest.  If you have a pest infestation, call Northwest Exterminating.  By hiring a professional pest control company they will ensure that your pest problems are taken care of without damaging your vegetation.

The second step is to reseed.
Fall is the time to seed your yard.  Whether you are overseeding to make sure the lawn is thick and dense or spot seeding for bare spots, fall is the best time for seeding.

The third step is to water.
If you do any seeding to your lawn, make sure that you water those areas.  If not, only water when temperatures are unusually high for the fall season.

The fourth step is to fertilize.
Feed your lawn by fertilizing it.  If doing it yourself, be sure to read and follow the directions.  If you are not sure, call your lawn care company.

The final step is maintenance.
Enjoy spending time in your yard in the cooler season.  Rake leaves, clean beds, and use a blower to rid your lawn of any debris that may be found.

Call Northwest for a professional lawn care company that will get your lawn looking green and healthy for the spring.

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