Identify Your Grass Type

What kind of grass you have determines how your lawn should be cared for. Common warm season turf – zoysia, bermuda, & centipede grass – are ideal for warmer weather since they can withstand higher heat, thriving in 75-90 degrees temperatures. Cool season turf – fescue, ryegrass, & kentucky bluegrass – are better suited for cooler weather and can be hard to keep green in the hot summer season. Cool season grass will usually go dormant in the summer, turning a yellow or brown color, and then green back up in the fall when temperatures drop.

Give Your Lawn Enough Water

Water your lawn in the early mornings and make sure it’s getting adequate coverage. Some grasses do well with infrequent, deep watering in warmer weather.

Get Rid of & Prevent Weeds

Eliminating weeds is essential to keeping your lawn healthy and green. Look for weed control products at your local hardware store or contact a lawn care company for recommendations.

Mow the Right Way

Grass should be taller in the summer to protect the soil from losing water and nutrients, keeping grass healthy and helping to prevent new weed growth. Make sure mower blades are sharp; dull blades tear grass and can cause lawn diseases.

Control Grubs

Apply a chemical grub control product during the summer and follow directions carefully (some products require additional water).

Clean Up After Pets

Pups can damage your lawn by using the bathroom on it. Use water to flush areas of urine and pick up waste. Leaving it unattended can cause unsightly, unhealthy spots of dying grass.

Fertilize Warm Season Grasses

Now is a great time to fertilize since these types of grasses need nutrients during peak growth season. Check with your local lawn company to schedule lawn service if you’re unsure what kind of fertilizer to use, when to apply, and how frequently. They can take the guesswork out of lawn care for you!

Stay Off!

The easiest way to keep your lawn healthy is to stay off of it. Don’t drive or park on grassy areas and avoid walking on the lawn as much as possible.


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