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Good Deed Team: 2019 First Responder Events

Macon On April 24th, Macon teammates held their First Responders Appreciation Cookout. With over 140 people attending, teammates were humbled by the stories shared by the first responders in attendance. Carrollton On May 8th, Carrollton teammates had the pleasure of...

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The Dangers of Flea and Tick Bites

Nothing puts a stop to outdoor summer fun faster than an encounter with a tick or flea. A bite from either is irritating and sometimes painful, but they can also cause a host of issues down the road. Flea Bites Bites from fleas are typically small, red bumps with a...

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Where Do Roaches Come From?

Cockroaches carry many diseases and can cause several health issues in humans including food poisoning and can trigger allergies and asthma attacks. So where do roaches come from? If you have a roach infestation in your home, there could be several reasons why....

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