Atlanta lawn care in the winter months is almost nonexistent. This is the time of year you can sit back, relax, and forget about watering, weeding, and mowing. But don’t get too comfortable. There are things you can do now to ensure a healthy lawn in the Spring…which is just a few weeks away!

If you’ve hired a professional lawn care company, they should already be providing your lawn with what it needs. If you’re doing it yourself, keep reading.

Being good lawn caretakers, you already fertilized your grass last fall or early winter. This is the best time to fertilize, when your lawn has been depleted of essential nutrients from Summer’s hot temperatures. Fertilizing before it gets too chilly will also ensure your lawn remains healthy throughout winter. You want to be sure you’re mowing the grass a little shorter than you would in the summer, too, so it’s prepared for the cold. Then you can put that mower away for a few months. *Sigh of relief*

Stay off! Another important step in winter lawn care is to avoid walking/driving on your lawn as much as possible, and be sure nothing is left on the grass, like toys or debris. This is when grass is most fragile. Constant traffic can cause grass to die in those areas, which means a patchy, uneven lawn in the Spring and Summer.

When temperatures begin to warm up, check on your lawn to be sure it’s looking healthy. If you didn’t properly winterize grass in the fall, you may want to solicit outside help. Contact your local lawn care company and ask for a free lawn analysis, or use the form below. They can tell you what your lawn needs, put you on a schedule, and get your grass back to it’s former green and healthy status fast.

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