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Are you happy with your current pest control service?
Who does your pest control?
Why do you feel pest control is important?
Does your pest control company remove spider webs?
Does your pest company have discounted bundle packages
Is your pest control environmentally friendly? 
Do you have termite protection on your home?
Would you like to have the piece of mind of knowing that your home is safe from termites?
Have you or someone you know had any bad experiences with termites in the past?
When someone says “My business is brick and steel” ask “did you know that termites eat drywall as well?”
What month do you recive your annual termite inspection? 
How long have you lived in your home?
When was the last time you had your home inspected for termites?
Has anyone explained how our green termite protection works?
When was the last time that your current termite company actually treated your home for termites?
Did you know that homeowners insurance does not cover termite damage? 
Who does your mosquito?
Do you spend a lot of time outside?
Would you like to hear about our new state of the art mosquito service?
How are you protecting your customers from mosquitoes?
What to you do to protect your children while they are outside playing?
Did you know yoy can add mosquito to your termite and pest control and bundle it all together with convenience billing?
Does your current mosquito company do anything to not harm the bees in your garden? have you heard of In2Care?
Are you concerned about traveling and bringing back an unexpected guest?
Do you travel frequently?
Do you stay in a lot of hotels?
Are you aware of the warning signs to look for?
Have you noticed any mounds in your yard?
Did you know that our “TOTAL HOME PROTECTION PLAN” treats for both inside and outside pest including your yard?
Have you thought about installing fly lights inside your restaurant?
Did you know we can bundle your termite coverage with pest service?
Would you like all of your services to be with one company?
What would you say if I could offer you total home protection for the cost of most cell phone plans?
Would you like to hear how many services our GEP program includes?
When’s the last time you went up in your attic?
Are you hearing noises in your attic?
Have you ever heard of bat bugs?
When you have the roofer repair your home do you think its bettter to replace the whole roof or one shingle?
Do you have unwanted guest living in your attic or crawlspace?
Did you know that NW offers a permanent solution to your animal issues?
Do you know that the noise you heard in the attic will be back? (it isn’t just a one time occurance)
Did you know that rats carry diseases?
Did you know the previous owner had rodent protection on this buiness? 
Do you have any idea how much feces and urine rats leave as they run around your kitchen (basement, attic, crawlspace, garage)?
Have you ever seen snakes around the woods of your home?
Do you ever wonder why snakes are hanging around your yard so much?
When was the last time you pruned back your trees to prevent squirrels from getting on your home? 
Do you know the nesting seasons for Raccoon/Squirrel?
Did you know we do bird netting? it is the only way to keep birds out of an area indefinately
How are the fake owls working for you?
Do you have a lot of weeds in your yard?
When was the last time your yard was under a treatment Program?
Who does your lawn care?
Did you want to have your home services done by one company?

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