As the leaves start to fall and the weather cools off, we can easily forget about maintaining our lawns; but the fall season is the perfect time to get your yard ready for next spring! By investing a little time now, you can make sure that your grass is green and lush by the time warm weather rolls back around. Here are three easy fall lawn care tips

Tip One: Keep Mowing! 

Until the first winter frost hits your lawn, grass will continue to grow. Since we have a little while before freezing weather hits, it’s important to keep mowing your lawn. In order to ensure that your grass won’t mat, cut it to a height of 2-1/2 to 3 inches. Mowing your grass helps prevent fungus and mold from growing on your lawn, which can potentially kill the grass. 

Tip Two: Keep Watering! 

Did you know that grass needs at least an inch of water per week? It’s true! Your lawn needs water, even during the colder months. If rain has been sparse in your area, consider keeping sprinklers or an irrigation system running until the end of October. After October, disconnect hoses and flush your system so that pipes don’t freeze over the colder months.

Tip Three: Keep it Clean!

Falling leaves can pile up throughout the duration of the fall season. Leaves that are left on your lawn can block your grass from getting light and can trap moisture which leads to disease and fungus. Make sure to blow or rake the leaves as much as possible. After gathering, mow over them or even use the pieces as mulch for your yard! 

If the thought of trying to maintain your yard sounds daunting to you right now, consider your local lawn care company for help. They can provide a free lawn care analysis and discuss a lawn care plan to ensure your yard is healthy, green, and lush by the spring season!

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