What Attracts Cockroaches to your Home?

We often receive phone calls from panicked homeowners who are seeing cockroaches in their homes. Not only are cockroaches unattractive but they are also a health concern. Cockroaches are known to carry diseases and can cause allergic reactions. Knowing how and why roaches are getting into your home is important for the health of you and your family.

Cockroaches are extremely resilient pests. Once they have invaded your home it can be difficult to get rid of them. Knowing the reasons why they are taking up residence in your home is vital to keeping them out. The biggest attractant for cockroaches is food. This can be human food, pet food, bird feed, even cardboard. Ensuring that these items are tightly sealed is imperative in keeping the roaches out. If you have found roaches in your food, throw out the food source immediately. Remember, cockroaches are known to carry diseases.

Just because your food storage areas look clean doesn’t mean that you are out of the woods just yet. Cockroaches can survive for 3 months without eating. In the meantime, they are looking for damp, dark, wet places to hide. Cockroaches take up occupancy in items such as boxes, shelves, and books to protect themselves from dangers such as humans. Many of these items are found in garages, basements or other areas of the home that are not normally inhabited.

Keeping a clean home is the key to keeping your home cockroach and pest free. Wipe down counter, sweep and mop regularly so that pests aren’t attracted to your home. Be sure that trash is sealed properly and taken out on a regular basis so the strong odors don’t attract unwanted guests. Look for water such as pet water bowls or leaky pipes. Where there is a water source…there is a pest.

A clean home and regular pest control is the most effective way to keep cockroaches out of your home. Once a cockroach moves in, it invites others, hatches eggs and soon after you have a full blown infestation. Take quick action by calling your local pest control company, such as Northwest Exterminating, so we can help you identify the source of your problem and act quickly to get the issue resolved.

NorPest Green is Northwest Exterminating’s green solution to eliminating pests in your home while maintaining the lowest environmental impact possible.

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  1. I have been cleaning and seems that everytime I clean the kitchen there’s more and more cockroaches owner from apartments said it may be the refrigerator that is causing heat to attract more roaches is this true

    • It sounds like you may be dealing with a German Roach infestation. German roaches are found in apartment communities often and usually require multiple treatments as well as some sanitation to eliminate them. Roaches are attracted to water, food, shelter, and when it’s cold…heat. They are attracted to places like the refrigerator but that is not the cause of the infestation. It is common to find a concentration of roaches in and around the appliances. We strongly recommend a pest service or inspection to identify the issue.

    • Yes this is true since it’s getting hotter everyday it is attracting more roaches to hide underneath your refrigerator. And your refrigerator has wet damp places in it so there is chances that they are hiding there.

  2. Brittany says:

    Hi.lastnight I went to the laundry Matt due to my dryer being. Broken. So anyways. As I was. Loading it up by the door to put my clean laundry in my car my daughter and I had spotted what I had thought. Was a really ugly spider or something. And it crawled right beside my laundry baskets .I just picked up my laundry quickly and put it in my car and came home and folded it all and put it all away.so this morning I went into my bathroom and seen the exact same bug that we saw at the laundry Matt.I took pictures of it to compare it to cockroaches and come to find out that is exactly what it is!! So my question is do I have to worry about more coming into my home? I’ve never had cockroaches before so I do not know what to expect. I’m very worried I have 2 young children and my son unfortunately tries eating bugs n that is the last thing I want to happen! Please let me know …thanks

    • Hello!

      Truth be told, there’s never just one! If this happens to be the same roach for the laundromat, there’s no certainty if it brought its friends along. Regardless, we can initiate a preventive plan to ensure this doesn’t become a huge pest problem. Please call us at 888.466.7849.

  3. Shamyra Green says:

    I recently moved into an apartment in the city with my husband and our 1 year old. the place has had a history of roaches. we had the pest control come and do procedures to clear out the place but it seems like the spray that was used is attracting the roaches instead of illuminating them. the house is always clean and we always mop . i don’t know what to do anymore . this isn’t something that i want to get use to.

    • We’re very sorry that you are experiencing these issues. Pest issues can be very unsettling, especially with young ones in the home. Unfortunately, living in multi-unit housing you are effected by your neighbors as well. If your neighbors are having issues with pests then there is a good chance that you will too. If the problem persists you should call back your pest control company to come back out. It sounds like you may be dealing with German roaches which need multiple visits to eliminate. Also, if not already, make sure to was your dishes everyday and remove trash and food debris form underneath the refrigerator and the stove.

      If the above doesn’t help, contact your property manager. They may need to reach out to the units around you.

  4. Bren Rutkowski-Salsbury says:

    What’s a good bug spray to use in the meantime til we’re able to get someone to come out and spray?

    • Thanks for the comment!! Unfortunately, we can’t recommend a product sold from retailers. A thorough inspection and identification of your property is a key step in resolving your pest issues. Not all pest infestations are treated with the same product. So until you know for sure what you are treating for it is a guessing game and we can not recommend spraying product around your property that may not be effective in treating your infestation. The good news is that we can usually get to your property within 24 hours. We can save you a trip to the store and save you money on ineffective products…give us a call!

  5. Kendall says:

    Recently my brother has moved out the basement so now it is just me. Late at night for about the last 2 days a small bug has attempted to crawl on my bed towards me (Not a bed bug). Ive caught them everytime because i stay up late but tonight when i turned off the light there was one in the laundry room, one in a basket of clothes, and one on a bag right next to them. Why do you think these bugs have randomly appeared and what do you recommend?

    • So sorry to hear about your issue. Not knowing where bugs are coming from can be unsettling. Unfortunately, it’s hard to give definite answers without doing an inspection. By inspecting a property, we are able to identify the pest, find out the source, and come up with a customized treatment plan for the property. Our inspections are FREE so give us a call at 888-466-7849 to have someone come out to your property!

  6. Can an empty mobile home for over a year cause roaches to migrate to my home since it is just a short walk away.

    • Yes, unfortunately pest infestations nearby can cause an infestation in your home. If you would like, we can have someone come out to your home for a free inspection so we can determine where the roaches are coming from and set up a plan to help alleviate the problem.

  7. shawn carlson says:

    I have a quick question for you. I live in an apartment that is 625 sq ft here in decatur. I have a washing machine in my home but no dryer. I line dry my clothes sometimes inside of my apartment. is the moisture/humidity created from drying my clothes enough to attract roaches into my apartment?

    thank you

    • Good question! Roaches, like many other insects, live in environments with a water source. Readily available moisture and humidity will attract insects. As far as your individual situation, we don’t know for sure without doing a thorough inspection but you can probably bet it doesn’t help. We would recommend opening your windows and hanging them out on your patio so they dry faster. You could also use a dehumidifier in your apartment and see how much water is in the air. Hope this helps. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do.

  8. janelle says:

    I have a child who frequently urinates in the bed. Lately had an accident on my couch. I am constantly combating stains and smells. He takes the plastic off because he doesn’t like the noise. I was told that the smell of urine can attract roaches, is this true?

    • Roaches are attracted to smells associated with food and water. We would recommend having your couch professionally cleaned to get out any odor or excess moisture. We would also recommend purchasing a mattress encasement that is made of plastic and fabric to combat the noise factor.

  9. Today i was cleaning one of my tubs and found a bug”looked like a roach”.dose that mean theres more?it was dead.

    • Not necessarily, it depends on the type of roach. Cockroaches are attracted to sources of water so it can be common to find them in our bathrooms and kitchens. Call our office today to setup an inspection of your property so we can identify the cockroach and see if there are more.

  10. So, my neighbor stored garbage in her garage all winter. Had it taken out and had her water shut off at same time. I then had an infestation in a very clean home 10 feet from her property. Is it a water source they seek that caused my infestation? Orkin has treated but took two months to get rid of problem. Just wondering?

  11. whoops, sorry I posted twice. Just wondering if neighbor, 10 feet from my house hauled garage full of garbage out and shut off water off if that would explain roach infestation around same time at my property which is very clean and no roaches in past 15 years.

    • Insects need food, shelter, and water. If your neighbor stored garbage in the garage all winter it would have made their garage very conducive to insect infestations. With the winter we recently had and the rainfall we have been experiencing, their water being shut off should not affect your property. However, it’s impossible to know for certain unless you have a pest professional inspect your property to identify exactly what is causing the issue. We do offer free inspections if you would like us to come out.

  12. tara Giddings says:

    I found two bugs was told that they were cockroaches and the neighbor across from me had them can they come from there

    • If you live in multi-unit housing then there is a good chance that they could be coming over from your neighbor. However, if you are living in a free standing home, the odds are not as good. The roaches are looking for another place to find food, water, and a place to hide. We suggest you follow the advice in the blog above regarding eliminating potential food and harborage sites. You may also want to speak with the neighbor or property owner about what is being done to treat the roach problem across from you which could be the reason the roaches are moving on. Please call us if you have any more questions. We’d be happy to come out and do a free inspection.

  13. Hello i have a issue with small roaches i am confused as to why they are in my house because i so not leave food out or let my garbage stay overnight i don’t leave my dishes in the sink mop daily so they little roaches are not a lot but they frequent the living room area which my family does not eat in that area i vacuumed sprayed the area but they seem to still be there i live in a multi unit home I have a little cellar in foyer that’s empty at times think it gets moist at times. What do you think

    • Andrea Hammond says:

      Hi Jody,
      Thanks so much for reaching out. First, we would suggest to notify your landlord and ask for a professional inspection to be done. Even though you are trying to prevent pests, sometimes in multi-unit homes it’s hard to ensure every neighbor is doing their part. If moisture is coming in through your foyer, try installing weather stripping or a door guard that may reduce moisture and keep the roaches out. However, with these types of roaches sometimes they can be brought in accidentally and live for some time, even in clean environments. Please feel free to call us, or have your landlord call us to schedule an inspection, at 888.466.7849

  14. Brittany Hammaker says:

    Can you get roaches from to much moisture in your home? I just moved into a new house in the country and randomly I see these little brown bugs running across the floor or in the kitchen. But I’m a clean freak so I didn’t think it could be roaches. I just saw one tonight so I decided to look up bugs the look like the ones I see and I’m thinking it is a roach. We just bought the house too :(

    • Hi Brittany, it sounds like you’re right and that what you’re seeing are roaches. Even if your home is clean, it’s possible they were brought in accidentally, possibly in your moving boxes. Or it’s possible that the previous homeowners had a roach infestation before you moved into your home. If what you’re seeing are roaches, I would recommend having a professional pest control company do an inspection as soon as possible. Roaches multiply very quickly and can be extremely hard to eradicate once that happens. If you’re local to our service areas (throughout GA and TN), call us at 888-466-7849 for a free quote.

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