Millipedes or thousand leggers are a common problem in homes around homes when Atlanta experiences an unusually wet Spring season. And after the storms we experienced this weekend we can bet its going to be a wet spring! Millipedes are commonly found in mulch and yards with a heavy build-up of thatch. Millipedes are normally a beneficial insect as they help decompose leaf litter and grass clippings, but during wet weather, their populations can build up to incredible numbers and a mass migration into the home can occur.

Good cultural practices around the home and in the yard can help prevent large populations from developing by eliminating some of their food sources and destroying harbourage sites. Northwest exterminating’s ongoing pest control program around the exterior of the home can also limit population growth with granular pesticide applications and perimeter spray treatments.

Centipedes are similar to millipedes in appearance, but tend to occur in lower numbers and seldom show the mass migrations that occur with millipedes. As with millipedes, good cultural practices around the home, such as limiting mulch close to the foundation, and maintaining a well aerated and de-thatched yard will help limit population growth and harbourage areas. Ongoing pest control around the home with granular pesticides and perimeter sprays will also help reduce population growth.

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