Field ants, or the One Node Ant, are large ants that are often confused with carpenter antsField ants are found in a variety of colors including black, brown, tan, red or red and black.  The key to telling the field ant apart from other ants are the ocelli, or “simple eyes” that are found on the front of the head in between the compound eyes.  (See picture above from University of Nebraska-Lincoln).

Field ants are most often found outside.  You may find their nests in open fields, grass, and under objects such as rocks, timbers and piles of firewood.  When treating for field ants, it is necessary to overturn these items and treat underneath.  Treating should take place around the structure including under and on top of the pine straw.  In addition to spraying outside, any vegetation should be cut back from walls and roof at least 18” and reduce any mulch where you can around the structure.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Jerry Hatch – [email protected]
Board Certified Entomologist
Certified Environmental Health Professional
Certified Professional-Food Safety
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