Northwest Exterminating uses an Integrated Pest Management, or IPM, approach to our pest control program, NorPest Green.  IPM is an effective and environmentally sensitive way of treating pests using a common sense approach.  Using non-chemicals is the primary means of treating pests in an IPM program which coincides with Northwest’s goal of creating healthier living and working environments.

The common sense approach that IPM is based on consists of many different elements such as habitat modification that reduces or eliminates sources of food, water, shelter, entryways for pests, and maintaining healthy lawns.  Preventative measures like thorough and frequent cleaning of food storage areas, caulking cracks, daily trash removal, properly spreading mulch, and proper landscaping techniques all play an important role in reducing pest problems.

Pest Prevention Tips:

● Caulk any cracks or gaps in the structure to block pests from coming into your structure

● Use door sweeps and screens on windows and doors

● Grade away from the structure to prevent water from pooling which can lead to mold

● Landscape using indigenous vegetation that is naturally pest resistant

● Avoid indoor plantings that foster mold growth and can serve as attractants for pests

● Keep vegetation away from the structure to reduce mold and pests’ access into the structure

For help in these, or other areas around your structure, please contact Northwest Exterminating.


Jerry Hatch
Technical Director
LEED Green Associate

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