This past Thursday, June 15, 2018, The Northwest Good Deeds Team partnered with local business, Nine Line Apparel, to co-host a Thank You barbecue for the First Responders in the Savannah community.
The Good Deeds team has hosted first responders’ luncheons in the past as a thank you to those that go above and beyond for their communities every day. In addition to the free barbecue and discounted apparel that was available, Nine Line is selling “Savannah PD” shirts. Proceeds will be given to two families of the department’s fallen officers, Officer Anthony Christie and Officer Joey Lupus.
When speaking to the Good Deeds Team co-director Kristen Milligan about how events like this align with Good Deeds mission and the Northwest Mission statement, she said “At Northwest, looking outwards towards the community is what we empower each service center to do. The Good Deeds Team provides the vehicle for each service center to positively impact their communities.” In this case, Missy Mallick, a Northwest teammate and Good Deeds Ambassador for the Savannah service center, did just that. As the daughter of a firefighter and wife of a med evac pilot, Missy saw the need to show just how much the community appreciates all the things that first responders do. 
About Good Deeds Team – The Northwest Good Deeds team was formed in 2011, with the sole focus on being active and involved in the communities that we serve. While home pest control services are what we do for a living, we are about people. We service areas in the community that have a real need, places where we can use our time and talents to give back, and to give to people who may have been forgotten.

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