Northwest Exterminating recently hosted its second annual Teammate Appreciation Day across its 50+ Service Centers! Our teams were able to celebrate in their own way and they had an extraordinary time getting together to recognize all of their achievements!

Good Deed Team 2

Each Service Center Manager put together a surprise celebration to honor their teammates for all that they do for each other, for Northwest, and for our communities. Some opted for hosting a 50s themed trivia game, bowling, cook outs, and beach themed celebrations! Teammates also received their yearly Northwest t-shirt. Dedicating a day to truly thank our teammates will continue to be important for our teams, as Northwest wouldn’t be Northwest without our extraordinary people.

Good Deed Team 3

Our teams had a great time taking some time to just hang out and show their appreciation for that they’ve accomplished in 2023. We can’t wait to see how they celebrate Teammate Appreciation Day next year!

Good Deed Team 4

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