Your Tennessee home’s crawlspace plays a significant role in the health and safety of your family and overall property. If crawlspaces are not properly taken care of, it can lead to pest infestations, foundation damage, poor indoor air quality, and potential health hazards! Luckily, crawlspace encapsulation looks to address these concerns. We break down all you should know about crawlspace encapsulation and how to maintain a healthy crawlspace!

What is CrawlSpace Encapsulation?

Encapsulation is the process of sealing your crawlspace with a barrier to prevent moisture from entering. A crawlspace professional will install this moisture or vapor barrier on the floor and walls of the crawlspace, allowing moisture to stay out to prevent fungi growth and other moisture-related problems.

What Are the Benefits to CrawlSpace Encapsulation?

Along with preventing fungi growth and excessive moisture, there are several benefits to enclosing your crawlspace! Moisture can affect several factors inside your home, Including:

  • Energy Savings: Your HVAC unit or furnace runs longer to help maintain the temperature inside, using more electricity, and in return increases your energy bills. A moisture barrier will act as a sealant and ease your HVAC system to make a home more energy efficient and save money!
  • Structural Integrity: Home foundations are vital and excess moisture can lead it to wood rot, comprising the structural integrity of your home. Moisture barriers will reduce the amount of moisture to avoid wood rot and protect it overall.
  • Better Air Quality: Mold and mildew issues can arise if your crawlspace is in bad condition, creating a health risk to your family and pets. When installed, a moisture barrier will reduce moisture levels and prevent mold and mildew from forming, creating better air quality overall.
  • Pest Control: Unsealed crawlspaces are an open invitation for pests and wildlife to enter and search for a place to nest and find a food source. Pests like rodents, roaches, and termites can cause considerable damage and contaminate your home, bringing in health and safety concerns. Enclosing your crawlspace will eliminate entry points for pests to into your home and serve as a good starting point for home pest control.

How Can I Keep a Healthy CrawlSpace?

Enclosing your crawlspace is a great way to avoid moisture, but the care for your crawlspace doesn’t stop there! It’s important to continue taking care of the space even after it’s enclosed. Regularly check for signs of moisture such as dampness or standing water. If you notice moisture buildup, address it as soon as possible. Additionally, consider installing screens over vents or openings in your crawlspace to prevent pests from entering. Remove any debris or clutter you might see, as pests use it to hide. Lastly, schedule regular inspections with your Nashville pest control company to ensure the area is free of pests and other problems.

If you think it’s time to enclose your crawlspace or would like more information on various crawlspace care solutions, call a pest control company near you for a free inspection!

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