How to Remove a Wasp Nest

A wasp sting can potentially be very dangerous to those in your home, including yourself, your children, and even your pets.  If allergic, a sting can cause severe complications, and even death.  Even for those that aren’t allergic, a wasp sting is painful and can cause itchiness and infection at the site of the sting.

Needless to say, if there is a wasp nest around your home it is very important that you get rid of it.  Since nests are usually home to a colony of wasps they can be dangerous to try to remove by yourself.  We suggest calling a professional exterminating company, like Northwest Exterminating, to remove the wasp for you, especially if you have an allergy to stings.

You can purchase a can of wasp remover at your local hardware store.  For best results and safety, read and follow all directions on the label.  Most labels will tell you that nighttime is the best time to treat because the wasps will either be inside the nest or on the nest.  Make sure that you have an “exit” plan for when the wasps come out of their nest.  You don’t want to have to run through their swarm to get back inside your home.  Wearing protective clothing (long sleeves and pants, gloves, hat, safety goggles, and mask) spray directly into the nest.  Once you have sprayed for the amount of time suggested on the can, leave the area immediately.  Most products will advise you to wait a specified amount of time before visiting the area of the nest.  Once activity around the nest has seized, knock down the nest and dispose of the nest in a covered trash can outside of the home.

We strongly recommend that you contact Northwest Exterminating, or your professional exterminating company, to remove a wasp nest if you:

  • Feel uncomfortable to do it yourself
  • If the nest is large or there is a large amount of wasps around the nest
  • If you or anyone in your home is allergic to stings

Where is the strangest place you’ve seen a wasp nest around your home?


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  1. aj devera says:

    get a rake… smack it off and run for ur life, dats wut i did twice

    • Haha! We admire your courage! However, we do not recommend doing it that way. You don’t want to mess around with a wasp nest!

  2. No exterminator in our area (island in Alaska) nest is semi large in the eve of our garage about 16 feet up. Got any suggestions? One person in household is allergic.

    • Hi Terri!

      We sure do wish we could help you out ourselves. Our best advice is to go to a local hardware store and try to get wasp remover. If you’re unable to find a hardware store, perhaps ordering a wasp remover online is the right way to go. Make sure to read the reviews of the product you choose. We recommend not allowing the person who is allergic take care of it. Good luck and be sure to give us a call if you’d like to have us walk you through it!

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