What If Mosquitoes Were Extinct?

What If Mosquitoes Were Annihilated?

A recent video on Yahoo! News asked the question, “What If Mosquitoes were Annihilated?”.  The video reminds us that mosquitoes, although tiny, have a HUGE impact on humans.  Mosquitoes are the deadliest animal killing more than 725,000 people each year.  If mosquitoes are such a danger then why don’t we eradicate them?

Out of the 3,500 species of mosquitoes, only 3 of those are the cause of disease spread.  Is it worth it to destroy habitats, danger the environment, and disrupt the life cycle of other animals?

To watch the video, “What If Mosquitoes were Annihilated?” click HERE.

We may not be able to kill mosquitoes across the world but we can assist you in mosquito control for your home in an environmentally friendly manner.  Call us today for more information on our Green Mosquito Control Program.

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  1. It is a proven fact that mosquito bites cause deaths among humans. Adequate pest control measures; particularly in schools and hospitals is very much required to annihilate them. At the same time such green mosquito control programs help in reducing the harmful effects of using chemicals and other sprays.

    • Yes, mosquitoes are certainly more than a “nuisance” pest. Using a Green Mosquito Control Program allows you to effectively treat for mosquitoes without the harmful effects to our environment.

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